Living Dangerously is The Right Plan for Resurrection

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Too Big To FailHistorically, conquerors win hearts and minds through stomachs, schools and jobs; A toxic mix:  identify selected enemy to blame, a pound of flag waving, stir in school-to-prison until most black males jailed since slavery, douse with bank imposed crushing student loan debt sauce, a dash of Coal Ash water, pepper for the salt of the earth voter, sugar for those elected to serve the lemonade, and the piece de resistance – misinformation seasoned with public education elimination.

The shakedown Breakdown:

a)   Wipe out 40% of Global economy while wearing a suit

b)   Shift responsibility of healthcare benefits from employer to employee

c)   Decrease salaries; Without increasing minimum wage, limit equal pay between sexes

d)   Cut off credit purchasing power

e)   Defund food stamps and unemployment benefits

f)    Demoralize hope for future with fantasy of trickle down cash flow to after school programs in decaying structures — passing those we’ve failed

Historically, using ever increasing attrition subtleties, corporate war victories follow the last shot fired by the sacrificed less affluent.  Wealthy invaders seize the day, by controlling Media information flow; Communications:  traceable smart phones, emails, cell conversations; Transportation:  neglecting infrastructure.

Historically being Conservative meant knowing when to hold them and when to fold them; resisting new and different change from the comfort zone of status quo.

Now ultra conservatives sell us on great creature comforts’ expectations:  thermostats, light switches, Big Screen TV, violent video games, safe & private internet access, microwaved pizza – while something’s changed for the creatures — Seasons are blending into temperature rollercoaster rides confusing all of nature, while man imitates the frog in a simmering water pot.

Where is our Point of No Return or return of rational thought, gone with the wind?  It’s Right to deny, change is gonna come, oh yes it is, but that’s living dangerously.

Already we’re breathing and drinking dangerous change, every time we allow Fossil Fuel corporatism to oil our consumerism greed for convenience, while Conservatives fund policies and politicians who exclude people not like the Koch preferred Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Susana Martinez crowd.

The clock ticks every time we ignore the mowing down of more Rain Forrest, a cow burps, rice paddies float and like Standard Oil in 1933, Shell makes a Putin house call to make a deal for their bottom line, at the expense of ours.

We make history by following the examples of women like Senator Elizabeth Warren, embracing a Texas record breaking 38% wind energy production day and reversing 2008 government & corporatism’s collusion to murder employment, family security, peace of mind and hope for most Americans – increasing the economic gap and inequality of opportunity to be America.

Up, down or sideways; funded we built that or inequitable money changers; Tipping Point for all including wait staff, or more long lines to vote for food:  Climate Change is here!  Ice is melting in more than a Koch head’s supremely invested cocktail.  And if you vote, thinking when the one percent of the one percent find a cousin earth in space, and dump our earth, they’ll take you with them, then you’re Right.

There’s a reason average American Conservatives resist Medicare for All, Medicaid Expansion and ERA ratification – they’ve been misinformed.  However, for Wall Street’s wealthiest, it’s because such programs reverse their world order plans for Climate Change financial benefits, and tips the scales in favor of We the People.

We’ll never know all the changes The Citi-Group, Goldman, BofA, Wells Fargo Street made to us, but there is no Resurrection of Justice without our asking, seeking and knocking, to find it.

Before the clock ticks nevermore, join us: Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.Climate Chage Cows


A Load of Presidential Crock

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PresidentsApril 14, Titanic sinks and President Lincoln shot.  April 2014, those who torture remain free, whether Russian, American or Corporate presidents.

Why We Did It:  Corporations still banking on depleting energy resources, racing against mothers and nature to deny clean air, water and terra firma to future, or maybe just overreaction to oral in the Oval becoming a new family value.

So we did it: the Right bombing falsely accused, dictating homeland proclaim, we who are about to die salute the unknown knowns of the Mushroom Cloud Crowd.  Forget birth certificates, how about presidential mental health certification?

We Did It:  salute Vietnam War President, Lyndon Baines Johnson; shun Middle East peacemaker who actually entered Teddy’s arena and though marred by an unspoken malaise, politically bloodied by dust choked helicopters’ rescue attempt in Iranian desert sands, strove valiantly to bring home fifty-two Americans held hostage for 444 days – yet The City on The Hill We Built That award goes to:  delaying freedom of Americans until presidential inauguration, January 20, 1981.

Secrets, lies and hypocrisy are not strange bedfellows at intersection of 1600 Pennsylvania & Wall Street, where the pursuit of happiness, money and power comingle, intoxicating the mentally warped, long before GW or GM.

Indeed the greatest afterglow of Abu Ghraib and trial free zone Guantanamo is orgasmic proof of Koch head threesome:  Pentagon/Corporatism/Government.

Leading Assad by Iraqi example of White Phosphorus, as what’s called murder in inner city America, is collateral for one hundred thousand in Fallujah.

Mindlessly following Pacman’s breadcrumbs from Gulf of Tonkin to Weapons of Mass Destruction myths, we hail to the chiefs of Corporate America war criminals — not originators, but like Cheney and friends, fabricating their variation on the theme foreshadowed by Himmler’s I. G. Farben.

Predating Franklin and Adams insisting Jefferson declare our independence from such as these, the law of the land was, inequality for women, human slavery and wealthy landowners paving the way to a Paul Ryan budget with Governors refusing citizens the benefits of The Affordable Care Act.

One unknown unknown is how low those mentally altered by greed have taken our Republic in the name of patriotism, Homeland Security and the Citizens United way.  We really do need stronger Mental Health standards and requirements for occupants of State Houses and the Supreme Court.

Whether Prescott Bush attempted a Coup d’état against our 32nd president or not, the family value learned by Corporatism after two Presidents Roosevelt was – Right Wing Congressmen and self-righteous presidents pay big dividends on Wall Street investments.

Did Bush 41 ever confess, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us, and if he did, what was he talking about, Reagan’s Iran Contra, Desert Storm, Quayle’s potatoe, CIA hits on three Kennedys?

LBJ administration was beneficiary of presidential assassination and the Civil Rights Law:  a politically embarrassed 87th Congress.  True JFK was a Johnny come lately to presidential Civil Rights action, but inspired to political courage by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Kennedy was the architect of government proposed racial equality, and not the Vietnam Military Industrial Complex bullies who, four days after Dallas, replaced NSAM 263 with NSAM 273.

Why They Did It:  Perpetual war profits, mental illness of Banks crippling education with student loans, voting rights going Right back where we started from and a sixteen year old giving a shot in the arm to LaPierre’s mind numbing, guns don’t kill people.

The gap in mental health in elected officials, born of society’s gap in informed voting, is as anti-American as any gap in economic opportunity – leaving America vulnerable to corporate induced Bullicide.

Join us:  Become one of the Reasonable Voices heard round the world.

America 1968–2014

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Dr. Martin Luther King JrIf a majority of Americans are as dumb as the Koch brothers think we are, America loses.  However, if we are a society believing everything we see, on a screen of any size, is true, how was a bi-racial president, despite multi-millions spent by spiteful billionaires, re-elected?

Maybe one can find five Supremists on a court ruling in favor of the ruling class, proving perhaps five robed easy pieces are dumb enough to think we’re superficial enough to forget the 1960s, and be fooled by Koch brother sins projected onto American citizens.  However, on Tuesday November 6, 2012, millions of Americans proved their voting savvy and 1960s’ courage.

No, Americans are not as dumbfounded as inheritors of oil refining, chemical production, lumber & paper products Koch, need us to be.

That’s why Charles and David Koch misuse and abuse our love of God, Country and fellow citizens, with pretend patriotic labels like Americans for Prosperity.  Even competitor for shame, Karl Rove was smart enough to brag how such titles could dummy down voters to elect an economy destroying administration, twice.

Obviously the brothers Grimm, Chuck & Dave Koch are as deaf, dumb and blind as Rumsfeld, to the transparency of their anti-American defense.  It’s not We the People who are financially sabotaging every American’s right to vote, it’s ultra-conservative Kochs.

Imagine a Three Stooges adorned in the finest suits Wall Street can buy, but still dumb enough to think, those of us who still think, are so naïve we’d believe the performance of their rented member, prepped and propped on the stage of the Senate floor, reading his lines, prompting, the gentleman from the Right National Republican Senatorial Committee doth protest too much.

Indeed, none are as guilty as those who accuse American voters of the very offense they themselves have repeatedly committed.

In 2014 it’s smart to remember 2008, because Davie & Charlie Koch still powder their noses with aplomb, gerrymandering the public trust with self-aggrandizing pride, envy, anger and greed, yet still casting the first stone.

Since knowledge is power, if most of us know far too little about an America bought, betrayed and sold out by supremely sanctioned mega billionaire political donors, like Sheldon Adelson and Koch duo, how can we form an informed opinion, let alone vote wisely.  If enough of us choose to play dunce in the corner, then papa Fred Koch can bequeath sons David and Charles, his John Birch anti-American Society.

If at any social, educational or financial rung on the ladder of trying to keep up with the Jones’, our love of money spawns greed that elevates value of profit 1) over the value of our lives, 2) higher than affordable mental & physical health-care for civilians, veterans & serving military or 3) above American products, infrastructure, drinking water and air quality safety – then Koch heads win.

If we’re under and/or misinformed by the fog of oil wars, that we missed — March was Women’s History Month; USAID sacrificed for Cheney style CIA torture; GM criminality; $10.00 too much, but Supremes grant unlimited political funding; Dems who ran from Obamacare while GOP pounced on it – we might have missed, Koch head disciples, using Scott Walker’s yardstick to measure our voting deliberations.

Such men as these will never measure up to a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; nor will billionaire money ever offer a candidate like Bobby Kennedy, because men like the Koch brothers will never understand that Americans have already proven their distaste for being sold, figuratively and literally.

While the Koch brothers have been shell gaming America and Americans for decades, real men, like Daniel Murphy know new birth is life’s greatest homerun.

Baseball Husband

Wall Street thinks it’s Our Father who art in Heaven, Howard  

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American HungerWe’re shocked when Chris Christie, more than to reporters, and Condoleezza Rice, more than to University of Minnesota students, tell the greatest lie of all – the lie we tell ourselves.

It’s like different people looking at the very same issue, TV show, or Constitution and seeing total opposites; or college Football brain injuries:  solution isn’t to increase time a player spends in medical or classroom examinations, but in increasing hours spent on the gridiron as potential paid employee.

Truthfully, Christie & Rice are innocent until proven to be less than saints preserving us with bridge limitations and mushroom clouds.  True also, neither will ever be invited to speak as defendants in a court of law.

True or False:  we get the government, business community, job and life we settle for, having been carefully taught, by spending too much time listening to too big to fail expert opinions, masquerading as facts — each basting in repetitious glaze of Koch head misinformation, until the appearance of truth is baked in us.

Following the Citizens United Money:  what so entices wannabes Kasich (Ohio), Walker (Wisconsin) Christie (bridge debunker) and Jeb (oil Dynasty) to slither their way down into the inner sanctum, deep within the bowels of a Las Vegas casino?

Were we never invited to the We Built That club, where membership qualification is still convincing us, that personal wealth builders Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford and J.P. Morgan did it all, only for God and country, with no working middle class contribution, until now as their Wall Street descendants work just as deliberately to transform us into underemployed working poor?

Do the power hungry, greedy for favors from super wealth, gather beneath a gambling house, below the radar of Justice, to roll the dice for America?

Are they asking a money laundering network of corporations to funnel donations from the top Right four hundred, led by recognition seeking, Sheldon Adelson, to knock out Democracy?

Or are they just an amoral organization agonizing over their definition of equal economic opportunity as the redistribution of their wealth, and thus we must be socialists?

How many times have the words:  National Security, Socialism and Communism been applied by corporate funded Republicanism to inspire wars to keep the less powerful in their place?  Continuing to believe such labeling distortion is March madness April showering tax loopholes on super rich, producing May funeral flowers for the youth dying in wars for Corporatism’s anti-America’s club – leaving We the People swimming in red ink and blood.

A Reagan fabricated welfare queen isn’t the major source of our lack of moral and legal accountability.  It’s the scripted reality show of a Wall Street flip flopping FDR’s New Deal, on the backs of millions of hard working Americans.  It’s the legacy of seeds planted by the likes of Prescott Bush, now being harvested by the Koch heads of oil spills and Coal Ash water.

Corporatism is America’s Putin:  forcibly taking what it wants from those with less, believing it’s better to negotiate forgiving settlement after, than ask permission before.  Like corporate business model, Analysis of Product Recall vs. getting caught and court ordered to pay damages:  It’s cheaper to pay damages tomorrow than correct product deficiency today – ask GM.

Whether global stewards, national patriots or damaged goods, truth is inside us already:  Corporate raped earth, Coal Ash water, the stench of oil-spill air, nature reclaiming forest fires and knowingly constructing in zones prone to sinkholes & mudslides?

Transportation, Industry, Media, Banks, income, so what’s the next domestic weapon of mass destruction?  Hunger.

It’s as close as disappeared food stamps and unemployment benefits, and that’s the God’s Truth.

What’s the Point!?!

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Civil Rights GodmotherAre we ready to be the heroes who carry the torch of humankind’s enduring causes, who enable hope and inspire dreams that will never die, because that’s the whole point of America? 

On March 18th, the trumpet sounded roll call for twenty-four.  Standing in solidarity three represented three wars and all those who, though passed over, rose above and beyond the call of duty – a trinity of self-sacrifice, honoring the proclaimed Exceptionalism, of a many hued nation.

After decades of not being included in indivisible with justice for all, we lost many before a presidential handshake and partial national embrace – having taken the high road, three accepted the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Shoulder to shoulder, despite religion, race and heritage, twenty-four, finally recognized by most of their nation, for their courageous service to an entire nation.

America, still two steps forward with one war down, but one step backward with judges unable to agree equality of marriage is Justice for All, online advocates and offline activists of every POV push, pull and tug at us in the American shuffle to embody the Declaration of Independence, personify the Gettysburg Address and chisel in our soul, I Have a Dream, national character.

To those who give and give through decades of wait, be patient, we salute you, for you are the reason the good fight must go on, despite fewer distinctions between the good, the bad and the ugly.  You make the rest of us the point of your mission, ever forward — to keep on keeping on.

What’s the point, can’t be imagined if we don’t recognize the uberwelt Wall Street green that is the blinding blizzard aiding and abetting the transition of black & white hats into gray.  The point is, recognizing the few who carry on, on behalf of the many, for what was parchment captured, but in the wake of Citizens United, is increasingly morally elusive:  justice equals indifference to differences.

The point is, we don’t have to tolerate GM ignitions, Toyota accelerations, harmful side affecting numbers juggled statins, murderous Halliburton/BP barons or drinking water intentionally pumped full of Coal Ash – pushed on us by corporate wheeler dealers and their political cronies.  We can join in the good fight, for, rather than against, each other, and tax the 1% who created, and still profit from America’s economic demise.

First, recognize the tomfoolery of a Paul Ryan poverty definition, the intentional upward boom of Trickle Down, the Bush/Cheney shell-game shifting redefinition and redistribution of The Poor, The Middle Class and The Right reasons for war, and news media using flight tragedy like a teaser ad for a mystery thriller.

We need voters electing government that repairs, not blocks, falling bridges; that chooses carefully construction sites with less potential for sinkholes and mudslides.

The point is, the equal opportunity for Corporatism’s Conservative 47% with Progressives’ Liberal 47% is in embracing the middle 6% in recognition of a seemingly forgotten second half:  Divided We Fall.

Second, also recognize domestic battlefield heroes, running the race against corporate dominated government and those opposed to common sense solutions for the common good, and honor them with imitation before our final roll call.

Third, don’t be fooled by any political party with a 1% agenda, whether Corporate bought Tea or Conscience Clause Terry McAuliffe appointing history destroying, anti-gay Dwight Jones.

The point:  it’s time to reject accepting the lesser of two evils!

Now, with eyes, hearts and minds open, recognize our own Putins, and insist on a budget that makes all better off.

The point:  We honor ourselves by replacing persons and programs that don’t work for Justice for All.

That’s Exceptional!

Better off Budget


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Kennedy and CubaI can still feel that deep gut helplessness every time the sky snatches away what we need most, loved ones, hope and the courage to go on:  it was twenty-five years ago, yet as recent as Malaysia Airlines flight 370. 

Mom’s flight was over an hour late.  Front desk poker faced people, emulating nurses doctor forbidden to divulge patient medicals, as cryptic as Spy Lie, Feinstein’s CIA reality show, propelled me follow the loud clanking of the arrivals and departure board, hoping for answers.  Arriving, Mom’s flight number and arrival time changed to, delayed – then disappeared altogether.

For me, there’s nothing mysterious about what the friends and families of those on flight 370 are going through.  Like Titanic, the Boeing 777 is too big to fail, too much “Breaking News” for media to pass up ratings, too knowledge is power, for officials to give those waiting for the encouragement to hope.  Even the horrible possibility that the passengers of flight 370 and their Boeing have been hijacked and landed somewhere for nefarious demands, for hope can be encouraged by the least likely or likable options.

There is little doubt that the world is changed when people who profit by the pain and suffering of others, play on our fears, challenge our political egos, advancing from Palin’s front porch view to military land grab of smaller less militarily powerful neighbors.

He’s got the whole world in His hands, but only as foundation for the good people of earth to support, encourage and lift up all souls, even while

  • Oil and Gas Putin people seek profit in war to recapture the past
  • General Motors people make cars with ignitions that kill passengers for a decade
  • Murder convicted BP people are welcomed back with open drill baby drill arms
  • Joining their Coal Ash producing cousins, standing atop the people’s ignorance of climate change producing weather extremes, destroying people’s lives with drinking water
  • Koch heads:  opportunistic 50’s throw back Cruz, poverty accuracy challenged Paul Ryan, fire-arm awkward Mitch McConnell, bridge bully Chris Christie, education killing Rick Perry and dog without a bone Issa make Rand Paul look like a rebased half Alaska Governor as running mate for the Donald.


Yet aren’t most people proof of the miraculous promise of America:

  • Still encouraged by the American Dream of equal Justice for All
  • Still instilling hope for full equality with Three State Strategy
  • Still believing at least three more States in our union will unite against keeping female people in their place
  • Still encouraging unity between all shades of Americans
  • Still working for equality of opportunity, equal pay and at least $10.10 minimum wage
  • Still standing their ground giving government people the courage to pass the Equal Rights Amendment giving women the Constitutional umbrella they deserve as people


We are the world that We the People have made and continue pro-recreating

  • For every Nazi invasion of Poland and Bush pre-emptive Iraqi strike, America’s Greatest Generation were America’s greatest baby makers
  • For every Putin grabbed Crimea and Khrushchev’s nuclear Cuba, there’s the Best and Brightest of JFK’s American University speech for World Peace

This is why American people can be filled with genuine hope, not because we’re better than the other people in the world, but because

  • We’ve been given more reasons to hope
  • Given the power to destroy yes, but
  • Given the strength to demonstrate courage by encouraging
  • Given the wisdom to know the difference between CPAC and truth

America’s hope is in our education of every child and encouraged equal opportunity for every adult.

Mom’s plane landed safely.  Let us hope flight 370 did as well.

Peace – Hope – Encouragement = Justice for All.Hopeful hands

Our Anger and Fear Breed Life’s Bully Bosses

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Maybe we don’t still need a Lincoln, but waving the Constitution while wrapped in Old Glory, without becoming the embodiment of his and the words of Jefferson, FDR, JFK, King or even a well-meaning Obama on a good day, breeds a pretend America.Water Coal Ash Pollution

As a people, we do tend to celebrate the ridiculous more often than we emulate the sublime.  It’s all in the marketing, and still our uniting divider:  injustice under Corporatism’s conservative political windup inaction toy politicians, afraid and angry over what brown and black might do to old Red, White and Blue.

We laud and applaud the superficial and largely Americanized, for maximum patriotic effect, ARGO, but beyond a nod to the immense power of Daniel Day-Lewis, and Production Design, ignore Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Rooted by Gravity, we nonetheless kneel at the altar of tortured history in 12 Years a Slave, turning away from current reality:  inequality of opportunity and freedom to vote for all Americans is the anti-American perennial embedding its Roots in the police state of Fruitvale Station.

Too many of us voice anger when, where and at what we’re directed.  Being herded by the bullies of greed, instilling fears that others will get, or take, what we’ve got, we hate who we are and settle for less than we could be.

Coal Ash water or any environmental pollution is not just the result of companies producing and releasing toxic chemicals and oil into our water.  Nor just the responsibility of the CDC, EPA or solely the fault of other corporate bullied politicians.

It’s a collective Schultz, I see nothing, casting our ballot pearls before political swine continually slurping at the corporate troth.  Every time we care more about keeping a job that kills American children that we vote for the losers and winners of CPAC Saturday Central, WE are the problem.

For more than a decade the people of General Motors knew they were making cars that killed people.  Yet federal safety people passed them on to our highway system, with corporate owned media people enraptured by preaching rapture for profit people, green flushed people driving to re-elect people who thrive on how well their greed breeds the fear and anger vote of We the People.

And still we play pet Dino jumping for a bone from Wall Street Flintstones, ignoring that our greatest dinosaurs of hate, economic inequality, sexism and Jim Crow laws are alive and well, ensconced in Congress by mental fossils re-enacting a revised past.

Repressing any American for differing beliefs, preferences or appearance, depresses America’s potential.  So why do we elect the seceded from rational thought mental states of Rick Scott, Mike Pence, Rick Snyder, Pat McCrory, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

Insisting ours is the only way, generations steeped in deaf, dumb and blind to the best future for all, re-elect our past.  Why do we continue to deny that united reasonable voices can build a bridge even Chris Christie can’t block?

Championing America’s almighty iron-fist — our Military Industrial Complex — instead of dialogue, debate and reason, Republicans empower KGB Putin, demean Obamacare and cut food stamps and unemployment benefits.

Why do they do that?

Believing in he-man propaganda, we elect K Street puppets.  Then working for their puppeteers, we sacrifice our political, mental, financial and physical health on the altar of bully pollution.

Electing those whose beliefs are manufactured to manipulate our vote, while selling us toxic waste is why Life’s Bully Bosses think tomorrow is promised them, to dodo that voodoo that they do so well.

So, before clocks spring forward again, what are WE going to do about why we did it?