Month: July 2010


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Remember when your grandparents used to say, “consider the source,” and we did.  Boy do I miss my Dad who was the quick quip master.  Things like, look at the driver, not the car; can’t tell you how many times those words have saved my life.  However, corporate owned myopic extremists keep us engrossed on car, not the driver.  No accident that media is used to narrow and dummy down public focus.  It’s just the old, “hey, look over there,” while we’re prepped for the next sale on a bill of goods destined to be recalled.  It’s a big wide world out there and it’s melting away before our eyes in delicate slow motion, while waste lines excel and brains decelerate, enthralled by projection of the projection of those who project the programmed programming.

Dad’s Mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone…” well, it’s probably too late to bring that one back from the depths of oil muck, mire and deception, to any honorable resurfacing of a dawn’s early light, with barking pit bull harboring money grabbing visions of being a growling grizzly high on her hinny, fronting for the turkeys in the throes of death jig at the loss of their heads.  Unfortunately, turkeys are not the only ones losing body parts, lives and livelihoods on the altar of preach love thy neighbor by sparing thy nation a functioning visionary government, but don’t touch a penny of Pentagon exports.

The Dick’s Bush League was RIGHT of course:  Empire is the best goose step forward to the continued entrenchment of thousands of American youth pawned out for our political elite, as M-16 carrying ambassadors of peace, in 135 countries around the world used as Peace and Goodwill PR for safe corporate encroachment:  77,917 in Europe:  Germany = 52,440; Italy = 9,660; Japan = 35,688; United Kingdom = 9,015; North Africa, the Near East & South Asia = 3,362; Sub-Saharan Africa = 1,355; East Asia and the Pacific = 47,236; South of our Border = 1,941; The Republic of South Korea = 28,500; As we continue to Dick around from the burning Bushes with winning friends and influencing people in Iraq, which a loss of “Balance of Power” government invaded because, because, well, so what if they had nothing to do with 9/11, they look like the people who did, and that’s the RIGHT way to think.

71,000 in Afghanistan, the country which did and does harbor those who killed 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001, and still sipping our tea with a dash of secrets and spoonful of lies, we watch the reruns of lumps of intellectually challenged.  We’d win more hearts and minds if we LEFT them alone, “you betcha.”

Watch the drivers and puppeteers and not the cars and puppets, for the tentacles of corporate greed reach far beyond the obvious spill.  Its ooze suffocates life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all, human, non-human eco-system, our rational thought and dreams.  Think what Nation Building we could be doing, if our youth came home from around the world, set free from their mission of police protection for corporate enterprise.   Want to cut the deficit, cut military spending.  Bring our youth home before there “Land of the Free” decomposes into the land of Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and GOBP’s Judges.

Long ago I asked Dad why a cartoon character was seeing “pink elephants.”  “Drunk,” he explained.  When are we going to take back 14 minutes of Sarah Palin’s 15, because, it’s not funny anymore, and the joke’s on USa.