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Are you angry enough yet to face the truth?  This economic mess we’re in was caused by a lot more than the small minds of a few corporations or greedy bankers or even the last oily administration.  Without a whole lot of us looking the other way, we and our new overwhelmed President would have more palatable options, than compromising the poor to save the rich in order to protect the middle from becoming the poor.

All of us, regardless of party, color, age, sexual & political persuasion, income or calorie intake, were first victim and then collaborator.  Victim, after Franklin Roosevelt died leaving his “New Deal” for us, unprotected from architects of The “Right” Deal.  The New Deal was the Great Equalizer born out of the Great Depression.  The “Right” Deal is the fearful overreaction of greedy people, needing to insure their health and welfare power control over the wealth of America, by renting our elected officials.  Thus, Government of, by and for the people has been lobbied into a long term lease signed into law by the descendants of Victorian Robber Barons.

Now, I’m not a Democrat, but nor have I fallen for the smoke and mirrors shell game of those who claim, in the name of Jesus, only corporations create jobs through some kind of mystical trick that employs a trickledown fantasy land formula.  Caution, believing in such voo-doo can lead to late night viewing of “Father knows Best” re-runs.

Jobs are created by people just like you and me, who need help to produce or sell what they make.  Even an inefficient chaotic Government creates jobs, as does Ma & Pa’s corner grocery store, or a franchise owner, or a small business or even individuals with international holdings, like Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates.

Almost anyone who makes something and is willing to pay someone else to help them can create jobs.  It’s not all that difficult, unless you lack faith in your product, your business and marketing plans, your customer base or unless you choose to keep potential customers and employees in a state of anxiety.  You know, like OPEC did to us by shutting off the oil in the 70’s, creating long lines at gasoline stations.

Scarcity breeds desperation and desperation leads to desperate measures, like stomping on the head of someone who disagrees with you or preventing those of a different faith from opening a community center, or hording money instead of making loans that would stimulate an economy or believing political PACs pointing skyward to black and white TV pie, while picking your pocket.  Keeping the masses well fed under educated & misinformed, fighting among themselves, maintains a successful feudal system.

I’m an Independent Liberal, who believes God still believes in us and expects us to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”  What kind of America does a top two percent Conservative believe in?


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