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Corporatism at TrophWhat is the historical tangled web that weaved us into our six degrees of separation connection with Tunisian people overthrowing dictator thief, PFC Bradley Manning in Quantico relief, and Bank of un-American activities brief?

On a frigid mid January day, the answers fall upon us like ice cycles of painful truths, delivering crushing blows from C Street House roofs or erupting up from secret places of C. O.G. depths, turning red our two national faces.  Knowing helps, but steeps us in accountability, requiring parting red sea ability, to save from misty fog our nobility, from the guild of shame hiding behind the curtain, reigning in our comprehension, to keep their cash flow compensation dead certain.

Remembering kingly men of peace and non-violence who were struck down by gunfire in sixties’ imbalance, allows us to reclaim and offer anew, a 1960 January day of edited hope now past due.  Dedicated by Frost, snow bright and sun blessed, before assassination became first choice to change the game, by those who admit no guilt and feel no shame.

Born out of war, we paved a road through blood and gore, learning few lessons for its guns we adore.  Bullets ricocheting in the sixties, Kent State, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Tucson now, will we learn and vow, to listen more and stop trying to even the score?  Is there no help for Arizona people who deserve far better than leaders spinning profit sharing web with soulless private prison operators instead, proclaiming sightings of headless remains as monuments to their capital gains.

Purchased Governors, State Houses, Supreme In-Justices and Congressional squatters are but the tip of our Titanic iceberg, melting away our morality from Watergate to Guantanamo sans civility.  The shadows of robber barons cast financial darkness over our lands, gripping tighter freedom’s doors with their greedy hands.  They’ve evolved into nuclear middle men on the take from both ends, those who to grow business need investment and those who could invest to end our unemployment.  Names known in more homes than they can foreclose, they are the Bankstas in our midst masquerading as Uncle Sam, spewing a buzz of patriotic spam.

Drug Lords, street gangs and Mafia Dons, manipulating gunmen to commit violence on those who disagree, or killing to quiet those we want stilled, are but mirror reflections of International Corporations and American administrations.  So why are America’s big Wall Street banking institutions on the dodge to kill off revelations of WiliLeaks’ Assange?

Unregulated greed assassinates America’s national security indeed, but no incivility needed to heed, just agility to insist deep throatily, “follow the money” greed of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citi-Group, Wells Fargo and their Koch PACs, and see, the very six degrees connecting dots to Wall Street plots against our families.  Thus without violence the Bankstas we expose, for in truth, without us they have on clothes.  With every vote and acquisition, we reclaim America from corporate Cains of assassination.


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