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Whether on American school grounds, or in Mid-eastern squares ironically named or Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin State Legislators, or on the isolated island of Bahrain, inhumane treatment of any human for the purpose of gaining control over their ability to live free and work successfully for the benefit of family and nation, is an abominable immorality as devastating to global humankind as it is to the least of these my brothers, sisters and unarmed children.

Regardless of geographic location, man’s greatest wrong against humankind is power hunger driven greed, religious discrimination and physical violence to suppress truth.  Greater still is watching without doing anything to stop it.  No matter where this Devil within us that needs to be fed with power and dominion over the less fortunate, rears its blood thirsty head in a violent grab for power and money, it is the age old battle between what is good about us and what is evil within us.

While Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor fight with “DOA” rhetoric against American children’s after school programs, financial heating aid during severe winters and communistic threats like NPR and the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, the murderous King Hamad of Bahrain imports mercenaries from our allies India and Pakistan to crush his own people – all paid for by the $3.9 million he’s received from the current Administration and The House Divided Against itself, distancing itself from its people united in public service against ever increasing devouring corporate behemoths who marry their power to politicians they put in power, to sustain their economic domination over the financially depressed global family.

Like Egypt people have hit the streets for self preservation in Madison Wisconsin and Bahrain.  However, unlike Egypt, Madison State Government is ignoring its citizens and Bahraini King and police are brutally attacking its citizens.

Following Rove, Rush and Beck smoke screen M. O. to hide the truth, Bahrain is barring journalists from airport entry.  Those who see themselves as “kings,” must depress others into lesser state of helpless paupers, and the last thing they want is a free press revealing the brutal truth of what power and greed leads leaders to do to their people, especially the victimizing of women and children by firing tear gas and rubber bullets into a camp of sleeping protesters.

Fortunately, as in Wisconsin, the whole world is watching and there are a few courageous reporters willing to do what the rest of us are not:  risk their own lives to make certain, we here safe at home know the truth of what is really happening in Bahrain, Iran, the real U. S. Middle East black gold alliance and what may very well be next in American streets.

A Call to Action must first be preceded with Revelation:  Wake up and See What Our Dreams May Come!


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