After the Ball is Over

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Feeling since 2008 financial ambush dropped Enron, Lehmann Brothers, and AIG Wall on top of us, that Terra Firma is the ball in a pinball machine?  Happiness is: our government has financed itself until just before tax returns are due.

Being flipped from peg to pub with free delivery of Cocaine to DC’s Thomson Elementary School, which Washington Post had recommended President Obama’s daughters attend, Happiness is: Washington Post will soon expose Northern Virginia Presbyterian Church where religious leadership knowingly allowed sexual predator to continue working with its teen program for years.  Happiness is: discovering the truth about ourselves.

After Libyan routing reversals against those who prefer government that doesn’t resemble Guantanamo and Quantico duos of torture and solitude, Happiness is: UN has joined the bombs away crowd, as we cry out from the wilderness of nuclear terror, Terra.

Happiness is: evolving from Pearl Harbor, past Hiroshima and Nagasaki, into family of “village” dwellers committed to each other when Terra commits terror on the victims of those who rape its resources and arrogantly refuse either to replenish or even offer Rain Forest thanksgiving.  Happiness is: allowing the truth to set us free.

Truth:  Not all rich people are evil or smart, but greed, like Key Largo’s Rocco, “Yeah. That’s it. More. That’s right! I want more,” imprisons top 2% reapers in one faith — the belief that there will always be more oil and more money to protect them as untouchable goliaths too powerful to fail or fall.

Resting on the laurels of faulty fault lines and foundations of cornerstone sand, they hold these truths to be self evident, if we just cut budgets in education, strip political bargaining power from those who oppose us, buy puppets to do our public face bidding, we can keep 98% of Americans, if not the world, subjugated in near poverty and the desperation and fear it breeds.  For keeping the masses “fat, lazy and stupid,” we remain the Koch lords of Manor Terra.

Happiness is: without a thriving working middle class to support their low class intentions, Valhalla, like any other tower of Babel, will crumble at the Wall.

Happiness is: thinking, reasoning, progressive caucusing, questioning motives of Bankstas and recalling Mid-West corporate corruption.

Happiness is: knowing it’s not the window dressing distractions of the madmen of the Middle East; nor our looming 2012 Nostradamus moment of truth.  It’s not that Palin and Bachman can’t pass a seventh grade American history exam; or the vacuous loudmouths on Conservative talk radio or weasel Rove sleaze.

It’s the truth about Bank of America, Citi-Group and Wells Fargo that will flood their stonewalling gates so even “George Bailey” would agree.  It’s CIA President Bush 41, “If the people knew what we had done they’d chase us down in the streets and lynch us.”

Happiness is, we can think ahead in peaceful logic and plan their reversal of fortune at our expense, and all be “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

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