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There’s one thing like an old fool.  It’s a people who choose selective short term memory loss with repetitive revisits to old mistakes, meaningless clichés and well trodden discredited paths.  Our National Archives was wise to borrow from Shakespeare’s Tempest, and confidently chisel in the stone of Washington DC politics, and the American psyche that swims in an ever deepening sea of lessons unlearned:  “What is Past is Prologue.”

Too often we are a nation that refuses the truth:  the worse lies we tell, are the lies we tell ourselves.  The world’s greatest villains are not as long ago as Hitler, nor as far away as a Kaddafi.  No, they encircle us with self-deceit about our obesity, school yard & cyberspace bullying of a third of Middle & High students, Z-Blackwater and Halliburton.

We’ve been  triangulated with forever oil wars, a Mid-East populace now mad for the freedoms we preach more than practice, gone mad against mad hatter dictators USA has been mad about keeping for decades.  Now our own demitasse dictators in the Conservative State Houses of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin’s court defying Scott Walker, all funded by secret CPACs packing packs of corporate payloads, building upon Supreme Court foundation of granted personhood to non-taxing paying corporations, are puppet regimes freezing teacher’s salaries, increasing Middle Class property taxes, for working poor, elderly & blind raising taxes and cutting Health Care, Social Services and Education.  America, how are yah?

With each Conservative liberal slice into the very fabric that is the tie that binds us to a land of, for and by the people, all we like sheep herded full circle back to the good ole Robber Baron days of sweat shops, child labor and unregulated business for profit at any cost, including 146 female garment workers age 16—23 dead, in the Blanck and Harris NYC Triangle Fire of March 1911.  Now as then, the innocent die, while owners scoop up blood stained winnings from the table and smirk their way back to Banksta financed palace hideouts, in plain sight.

Unlike their economic descendants:  Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citi-Group, Wells Fargo, BP and GOP Conservatives, owners Blanck and Harris were charged with Manslaughter.  Acquitted like bailed out CEOs today, they took the insurance settlement, and returned to the secret society of puppeteers behind the curtain.

Government oversight, civic minded, politically savvy voting activists and strong collective bargaining organizations are all that protects us from 1911 Triangular past being our prologue.  Without enforced safety standards and descent wages, “The Land of the Free” becomes a Feudal System with the wealthy minority oppressively controlling working class majority.  Increasing poverty by diminishing education potential with larger classroom sizes, they dummy us down for easier marketing manipulation for their enterprises.

So who are we then, rewarding the greedy for audience dollars gained from those who applaud splash of killer whale who kills; Parents who video teens in cat fights; passive glazed over sleep walkers, walked over by corporate Conservatives who engineered 2008 American meltdown?  If so, pour the tea, but think on this:  bees are dying in record numbers and when they’re gone, there’re only four years remaining for both rich and poor.  So, “What you do, do quickly,” to save us from ourselves.


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