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April’s heroes come good and bad, Jefferson April 13th, Hitler 4/20.  In remembrance of “Brother can you spare a dime,” “Timing is Divine” for past due taxation on false prophets who would be king of GO-Party for super wealthy ring.

Still Congress yields floor to oil company lobbyists’ jeers engulfing us in black gold dependence from kingdoms baring their “Jaws” to USA in arrears.  When miffed oily Saudi hands with Russia flings in China plans for redder desert sands, it’s clear we need “The Wind Beneath Our Wings.”Appomattox

Among ghosts who fought so valiantly, to preserve America as each side needed it to be, I stalked sunset breeze with fallen voices echoing past embattled fears.  Scanning skies through bloodshot eyes, Gettysburg and I united in tears, for post 9/11 sanity above uproar and din.  “Shut it Down,” resurrects agony of 1861 division injected under our skin, April 12, at 4:30am.

In Appomattox Court House city “where our nation reunited,” I palm memories of Palm Sunday April 1865, happy to be alive where Lee and Grant alone rolled away the stone, closing the door on Confederacy, forever more ending Civil War, free, before Ford’s Booth gore.

Truman fired General McArthur fading away in April ’64, left grinning knowing it was warring West Point giants who knew the perfect score.  Giving America back its glue in Spring without need of Southern or Northern Presidents doing their thing, two old soldiers, each writing his individual piece for peace, until the bell that takes its toll, did ring, cease.

Theirs was a rainy Palm Sunday; mine a bright clear April 10th adventure 146 years later to the day.  Like 28,000 of Northern Virginia Army gray, I received my printed Paroled Prisoner slip saying hey, “permission to go home and there remain undisturbed,” before Our American Cousin play.  Four years of infighting, ended with Generals’ renewal of six days of unity and peace, until Good Friday April 13, when great unifier was deceased — for division, seventh day of rest was usurped by resurrection of derision in Conservative protest.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt gone April ’45; new deal struck for greedy buck conquests to thrive.  Secret civil war declared on the masses, to prevent ever again a White House friend to help working classes, kick wealthy Banksta asses. 

Purchased guarantees from Right government people in high places, their reign over us ascends like aces, until like Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby, heeding Eisenhower warning, challenged greed of Military Industrial complex leaving tragedy fawning.

Fallen too, with first Civil War 150 years ago, two percent of American population, so as now, there’s little cause for 98% celebration.  Two ways of living united in demise, both enslaved and enslaver “Gone With the Wind,” with April ’68 LBJ pen, now losing ground, in 2011, to Ryan House Klan spin.

What it’s really about, is our no longer fearing those who fear the loss of money’$ clout.  Trumping Obama with GOP Tea resurrects need for Grant and Lee.


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