“All Politics is LOCAL” Re-Districting!

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Even before bin Laden’s death, the Mission of myopic corporate media gossip was to distract:  Dismissing Eisenhower, Nobel Peace Prize President anoints CIA with War Chief Petraeus, passing Defense Secretary “big stick” to spy chief Panetta – Musical Chairs or “What is past is prologue?”  Phillip Morris CEO Louis Camiller assures, “cigarettes are not that hard to quit;”  Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance giants still ATM willing palms for history re-writes and affordable Health Care for all, prevention;  Goldman Sachs inspired Hedge Fund Manager Raj Rajaratnam completes Madoff and Abramoff portrait of Wall and K $treets’ drug addicted insiders.

However, in Cuccinelli anti-“Obama Care” Commonwealth, the “Good News” is local community rallies, local neighborhood action and the launching of local political campaigns:  “May Day, May Day” seemed the Sun May 1st battle cry after a much publicized, revisited, revised and, unusual these days, compromised Re-Districting Bill signed by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

With the arrival of Virginia State Delegate David Toscano, the gloom and doom clouds threatening a rain-out, parted, giving way to sun, faint rays for certain, but sunrays nonetheless, kicking off Toscano’s 2012 Virginia House of Delegates re-election fish fry, before a crowd overflowing with current office holders, like State Senators Creigh Deeds and Edward Houck, who post re-districting, now represents more of Albemarle County.  Rounding out the progressive family were Charlottesville City Council members Satyendra Huja, Hollye Edwards and a great many dedicated volunteers.

Few present, most notably Creigh Deeds who resents the involvement of big businesses in the political re-districting process, were happy with the reshuffling of voting districts, and the challenges of the upcoming campaign season were reflected in the day’s addresses.

Not surprisingly everyone expressed their uncompromising support for all Democrats in office, those seeking reelection with special affection for first time candidates.  All received ear ringing cheers and applause.  Volunteer lists were signed, petitions endorsed, T-shirts passed out and yes, enough checks written to sweep away any remaining clouds.

Introducing Delegate Toscano, Senator Deeds delivered a fiery call to action to overcome the challenging hurdles, to the retention of Democratic leadership in the Richmond House built by Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee.

Insisting on what Americans need from representative government, Senator Deeds threw down gauntlet, “You go to the House of Delegates to make law.”  “In your representatives, you want somebody who understands the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong on every issue, who stays calm and understands the issues,” who does “the digging necessary to find out what you need to do,” “who has the respect of other people, both Democrats and Republicans,”  and who’s brave enough to “say your piece, even knowing things might not work out the way you want them to.”

Following Creigh’s rousing introduction, Delegate Toscano defined the real difference between Republican and Democratic philosophy of government:  “For Democrats, Government is there to help serve civilization.”

In explanation Toscano revealed, “When Virginia budget left Republican controlled House in January 2011, there were two million dollars less than the original budget for K-12 education in Albemarle and Charlottesville.  That is forty teachers.”  Toscano insisted such Republican thinking will result in diminished education for our children and without that education, their “jobs are going overseas.”

Nonetheless, the former Mayor of Charlottesville closed with a call for unity, reminding his supporters that as Mayor he led the way for a mutually beneficial relationship between Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville.

So, it’s off to the races!


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