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Finally something the federal government and millions of Americans have in common:  we’ve both reached our debt ceiling.  Thanks to Banks dropping our credit lines to current balances due, “We the People” lost our personal borrowing power long before Uncle Sam took the plunge in Conservative attempt to disprove, “Yes We Can.”

Like us now, our earthly protector has to deal with a declining credit score, and collection calls, as GOP puts all 98% of us under the thumb of international opportunists speculating with reduced credit limit set in stone.  The crashing potential is, unlike our personal family budget dwindling since 2008, there will be no worldwide collapse if our monthly payments are too late.

If you haven’t been through this with your credit card companies yet, then you live on cash in cash out basis or you’re a member of the top 2% club looking down on the “ants,” now closer to our government than ever before, each tightly gathered around the panic button.

Remembering how passionately driven Henry J. Hyde and Kenneth Starr were to “get” Clinton, helps reveal clearly the internationally dangerous barrel of lava the GOP has deposited us over.

Like Humpty Dumpty, America is NOT “To Big To Fail,” and those on the “Right” side of reason, choose the game of chicken with our “Exceptionalism,” making political points, by refusing to put us back together again.

It’s in the tea leaves:  when you buy energy from foreign enemies with money borrowed from super rich domestic enemies of the state, instead of taxing the corporations, now “persons” like you and me, by Supreme degree, you get The United Corporate States of Anti-America, while we’re all standing around in rapture, waving Old Glory in celebration of “Mission Accomplished.”

What’s really behind Corporate “out-sourcing” of America?


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