Month: September 2011


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Has President Obama lost his groove or just his sense of humor?  (One more necessary to keep on track through late night chess games with the maker of “ants.”)  Perhaps finding himself out maneuvered on a trivial but historical scheduling point says less about the financiers of the “Right” gamesters, than Obama’s choosing a Reagan/Clinton combo, instead of a FDR/JFK sequel.

Generally speaking, when the President steps up to the podium (or the plate) the press if not the people, follow, and a flexible olive branch rooted to a mighty oak, is a home court advantage.  Still Mr. President, wouldn’t it have been a great dodge to say, give a rap on the Daughters of the Revolution Door with a gentle reminder they may owe you a little something for the song and dance they put Marion Anderson and Eleanor Roosevelt through.  The whole world would tune into Constitution Hall, mindful the U. S. Congress, though invited to host, chose to watch their internal friendly fire; Smart points for show of respect by avoiding Super Bowl kick-off, after all “We the People” do have our priorities and embrace our distractions.

It’s prudent to compromise, historically wise to remember long before the Vietnam table took shape, strong opinionated Americans battled each other before they were Americans.  Conservatives didn’t want an America, but off to snowy Valley Forge the shoeless followed novice General Washington, waiting for slow Second Continental Congress funding to catch up from the rear.

Guests and Hosts must agree the most important damage to control is the residue left behind which a new young president cannot clean up alone.  So while the circus is back in town with all its elephants rear ending America’s slow progress forward, let’s divide the clowns/shaft from the chosen ring master, Solomon wise enough to not whip out his whip, and stop walking around in circles sniffing elephant tail.

This isn’t the 1930s but Republicans have produced a huge Hoover sequel, and all need to join Obama in review of some old black and white footage of FDR, then press forward leading the way to out of Boehnerville and into Jobsville.

Not even a President gets it all his way, especially without a first proposal from a position of strength containing room for flexibility, and which he delivers to the people as well as the anti-people Congress simultaneously.  These are neither mild times nor mild-mannered opponents.

We learn from Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Lincoln, ready or not, when it’s time to lead, you pick the path with the best goals for all Americans and you lead.  There is no better way to get Americans behind you than to get out in front of them.

Let go of the Clinton/Reagan mode.  Embrace the FDR/JFK path and tell us all like it was, is and ever shall be.  You won’t get all the elephants to circle up, but you will get a lot of us to leave the circus rolling up our sleeves, knowing the difference between showbiz and nation building jobs.