Month: October 2011

In Response to David Gergen

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The growing Occupations rippling across globe from “too big to fail” rocks dropped on humankind by worshiped ungodly, who lost our shirts, believing puppet strings could still rein in the “mobs.”

Bush and Obama Administrations began with Banker chats gambling on survival, first theirs, and maybe ours.  Obama warned ‘I’m all you got between those who simply will not see beyond their tea, and those already grasping need for sharpened pitchforks, while jerks received Cheney’s reflection of their sly smirks with one of his own, promising secret room of whispered tyranny their bottom line, professing, ‘he who has the black gold has got the whole world in his hands.’

All 100% habitually sense what was will last, and what worked still does.  However no income bracket sees what’s pain: no one can protect us from our past secrets and lies or Vegas debaters fly paper stuck on 999, fearing next roll of the dice.

Money is not the root of our problems.  It’s the love of the green, blood diamonds, yellow gold or guttural radio show drug fees that kills the “I Have a Dream.”

It’s not money making banks, but Bankstas compromising Conservatism into Corporatism, purchasing Congress, renting Supremes, sacrificing military, moral and economic might.

It’s greed for power more than cash that will sacrifice voting rights and collective bargaining on the altar of TV’s price gouging  candidates onto twisted road to Electoral College, that dug six feet for “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”