Month: November 2011

“Don’t Know Much About” OCCUPY

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Sitting home on a drizzly 70 degree day in mid November recuperating from some kind of fatigue induced illness, gives me the mental time if not physical energy to try to understand the world whizzing by with dizzyingly pin-ball like abrupt changes in focus.  However, if primary info source is myopic redundant corporate owned, “if it bleeds, it leads” media manipulations, featuring today’s rerun with updates of super special “exclusive” blend of drool: 15% pretend investigative reporting, 10% talking heads regurgitating talking points, 15% brain freeze performance of circus clowns, 20% of the latest in America’s most wanted yet loathed human subject matter- sex, usually of some lurid kind or other, 10% intentional misinformation and 30% proof that the more you repeat a lie, the truer it becomes.

Had enough yet?  Try turning off the enemy’s soap box and giving brain a few ticks to rejuvenate thinking for ourselves.

Looking for peace, if not justice and prosperity, ponder this triangle from which we can engage a new era of American spirit and reason – indeed a rebirth of National Unity:  1) OCCUPY can, should and does NOT need to be about a park or even 24/7 to accomplish goals of financial equity and justice for all;  2) Corporations ARE People;  3) Understanding Shakespeare, Religion & Patriotism.

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