Month: February 2012


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What goes round comes round.  We are what and when we eat, drink smoke and inhale it.  What is past is prologue especially if we don’t learn from it the first time around.  Just say no isn’t working and education abandoned student fulfillment with “No Child Let Behind.”

K.I.S.S. like Rand Paul is an oversimplification for which Mitt can flip a severely conservative complication: three losses to a woman’s place is in the home, barefoot and in the kitchen, God Wills It, Rick Santorum.

Every action has a reaction and there are more things in life than are understood in a Wall Street Banksta’s philosophy of Edward G. Robinson’s Key Largo’s “yeah, that’s right, I want more” in Key Largo’s Rocky.

The enemy at the gates lives within and chasing tail is a fulltime job when, our own.  It’s a dog’s life unless your poison of choice is fast food cheese burgers ground by human assembly line of waste without bathroom breaks, slipping in more than cow shed blood.

For every Harry Potter, there’s a Henry F. Potter snapping great white media jaws at the heels of any Mr. George Bailey going to Washington to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth before Jim Crow descendents in living color can lose your black and white photo ID.

All’s quiet on the Democratic front for Jesus is passing by in a fly over as same sex marrying California divorces “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, lingering in the belief that we shall overcome if the help is separate but equal somewhere over the rainbow of Palin stolen Obama red, white and blue one America of change we can believe in.

The Maine thing to remember is there are still enough District of Columbia Conservatives to CPAC the house vote against gray ghost Grover Norquist tax increases for those who can never liquidate what they have in off shore accounts in a Methuselah lifetime of David slingshots at the ready for board rooms with 25 billion less mixing up inhumane brew to justify the end of angels and demons with cauldrons of radioactive Iranian oil, tossing poisoned moonshine eyes of newt, holding squeezed Conservative noses self-righteously heavenward, lacking any sense of repentance drown us all in double, double toil and trouble.

There are none so blind as those who will not see the sea of change that’s gonna come, oh yes it is.  We move our money to reverse their debit card fees, and they counter attack with Trumped up blobs fired off to charge us for taking our money from their cold dead hands.

From sea to shining sea spewing foul oiled fowl and deadsea fish, we part the red sea for those destined to be blowing in the wind of indebted servitude to the same house of cards dealing from both sides of the two headed coins.

No matter what Bank of America, Wells Fargo and their gang of cancerous infested lack of humanity oozes onto our tea stained land of the free, we the 99% are the captains of our soul, and lifting every voice we sing fond adieu to traitors of “Out of Many, One,” and sad farewell to one 48, clichéd by drugs, Whitney Houston.


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I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve watched a Super Bowl, but those halftimes, wow, and I don’t mean wardrobe malfunctions or f-ing super models – but dirty politics Rove taking on Dirty Harry, now that’s an all American moment.

Clint Eastwood is a successful Conservative Republican American, who is as real as his movies, and he knows something Karl Rove can’t comprehend: the truth of “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” John Wayne and Charlton Heston proved long before Super Clint Chrysler combo, that Hollywood is no more all Liberal than is the media or any other segment of the American population.

Not all America’s challenges are super, but secretive super political PACs like David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads that use patriotism to manipulate real American patriots, in much the same way C Street House uses an anti-Christ version of Christianity to incite sincerely religious people to commit sins against humanity, is as super un-American as profaning the honored dead at Arlington Cemetery.

Despite Rove’s being more offended by Eastwood than GW Bush’s “so what,” regarding al Qaeda, Cheney’s “so,” to Americans negative on Iraq or Boehner’s “so be it” if federal jobs lost — all consistent with a “Right” dismissive of any POV inconsistent with its own, reveals the great cleavage between GOP and majority of Americans.

Not all Americans reflect small minded trio of Limbaugh, Ingraham and Coulter. Not all Conservatives are as inflexible as Koch heads. Not all Tea Party members of the 99% are easily duped by massively financed mind bending political campaigns manipulating good people into voting for bad things.

Not all of the Grand Old Party leadership are Jim Crow descendents requiring citizens to produce photo ID to exercise their right to vote; some just can’t tolerate a woman’s right to choose, so threaten Planned Parenthood funding or legislate to end Medicaid funding for abortions.

Not all Republicans are as corporatized as McConnell, Boehner and Cantor. Not all political candidates are as Trumped and blinded by the love of money, that they can’t see your problem with letting the mortgaged American Dream run its course and “bottom out.” Not all ‘Massachusetts Moderates’ fail to see a Santorum storm coming or a Jeb in the wings.

Not all Conservatives are as angry as Sharon Angle, as scary as witchcraft Christine, as speaker fees user-friendly as Palin and Gingrich or as frighteningly limited as Rand Paul – and not all Americans are afraid of change, equality & justice for all or fear those who neither look nor think like them, any more than all Republicans are like Pete Hoekstra choosing the low road of inflammatory fear mongering on which to drive financially troubled voters.

Not all are like the “Harry and Louise” actors who took money from insurance companies to defeat healthcare reform for millions of Americans.

Not all “Right Wing” thinkers are bad, any more than all Lefties are good, but by definition, Independent, Moderate , Progressive, Liberal mean, like our Forefathers, being risk takers with foresight beyond current circumstances and uniting for the good of “Out of Many, One.”

Not everyone gets that this is how and why our nation was born, so it’s up to those who do, to educate with votes and boycotts.

Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad was a celebration of American ingenuity, not what a handout, but a hand-up can produce when we work together for our collective comeback. That’s neither Republican nor Democratic. It’s American!