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I’m told I have only 250 milliseconds to get your attention so: recently I spent some time with Tommy Lee Jones in Richmond Virginia’s State Assembly, and at 2:30am on Leap Day 2012, my Mother died.

The tie that binds these two personal historical moments to you:  when a low life calls a college “snob” a “slut” for increased ratings, gets more TV time news cycles than Virginia’s  Women’s Strike Force,  a new PAC of women who are fiercely united in their progressive independence to resist any attempt of Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Virginia State Governments to launch a successful national campaign to make 157 million Americans second class citizens of less importance, with fewer constitutionally guaranteed rights, personal liberties and freedoms to pursue happiness, just because they were born without a penis, then I think it’s time to acknowledge that a 250 milliseconds evaluation, is likely to leave you in the dark ages.

March is Women’s History month.  Why not, black people have February.  As the other ten months go to the highest bidder for white guys, don’t know where Asians, Hispanics, Jews and original Americans get celebrated or at least acknowledged — perhaps when returning veterans get parades again.

Can’t help wondering if we spent as much time & money and gave as much attention to caring for one another, between birth and death, as we legally and financially burden death, and try to legislate birth, perhaps more of us would have a healthier lifetime here on earth.

We might discover the stability and security that a life filled with peace, love, happiness, communicating ideas offers:  listening to the birds and the bees instead of condemning them, smelling the roses with each other instead of destroying the healing potential of the rain forest;  uniting in true friendships that produce solutions, rather that proclaiming loving God and country is a license to prosecute those with whom we disagree:  putting more blacks in jail for drugs while 20 million hang on every twisted word of radio talk show druggie;  expressing institutional religious freedom by insisting pretty boy wannabe VP Bob sign himself into Virginia law as Vaginal Probe McDonnell.

Supreme Court sanctioned Corporate Personhood needs our regulation, not the personhood of those Americans continuing the procession of Pocahontas, Sacagawea; Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Amelia Earhart; Eleanor Roosevelt, Marion Anderson. Rosa Parks; Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor; Geraldine Ferraro, Olympia Snowe, Hillary Clinton and of course Anita Hill.

Something worth pondering longer than 250 milliseconds:

  • Perhaps it’s better to define Personhood by the kind of person, husband, mother soldier, government employee. community leader, and family or board member you are
  • Buffett and Gates are not the only good people in the top 1% income bracket, but if you’re not one of them, you’re the 99%
  • There have always been rich and powerful people like the Koch brothers craving more at the expense of others, but they can’t rule us without our voting, listening or silent consent.
  • The Civil War never ended.  Only the target victims have increased.  Now it’s women like my Mother, your sister, Sandra Fluke and you

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