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I’m sorry for all the many, many good Republicans and America’s loss of their Republican Party of Lincoln, Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney and Ronald Reagan, who today, like our Founding Fathers, would be politically progressive.

I’m sorry that descent Americans who just happen to be Republicans must endure the manipulation of their religious beliefs and either avoid voting or give into the ramblings of a man so voter disconnected, he praises the similar height of trees, for votes.

I’m sorry in an America of smart phones, iPods, iPads and Podcast radio, anti-Occupy DC Darrel Issa and his committee of good old boys actually needed Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to point out, “where are the women.” I’m sorry few others have questioned this manufactured religious freedom war on the freedom of women to choose between well placed aspirin and the ERA.

I’m sorry that the same zealots, who protected children molesting priests, now couch a woman’s right to have medical choices insured, as a cultural war against religious freedom.

I am sorry that good Republicans are being drowned by those willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder to push down children & elderly, poor & middle classes, foster & Medicare, Social Security & Services and Education as far as the “Right” can go wrong.

I’m sorry Jefferson’s Virginia Assembly has aborted any semblance of equality, by trying to require ultrasound for women before abortion, while paying for their Viagra. Sorrier still that media descended on Charlottesville to sensationalize gruesome murder trial, but ignores connect with Richmond state of mind that encourages mankind’s casting womankind in second class citizen role to be dominated, subjugated and even murdered in their rooms.

I’m sorry our communications technological advancements have so muted our courage to assail beyond headline clichés. I’m sorry that knowing we can start a revolution with 140 characters weakened our vision to see that more character is needed to sustain change.

I’m sorry if Santorum wave provides incoming tide for Jeb’s ship of fools to sail upon some Jersey shore to conquer reasonable equality of expression.

I’m sorry Syrian and Iranian bully Governments rain terror over their people while America and Israel must take the high road of restraint, sanctions and negotiation with headquartered aircraft carries in the Persian Gulf.

I’m sorry we couldn’t save three from avalanche, Whitney Houston, JFK, MLK, Bobby or America from “World View’ of Cheney and Santorum.

I’m sorry that ‘New Media’ is now morphing into the same regurgitated redundancy of corporate owned old media. I’m sorry form, format and style are used as excuses to sacrifice researched substantive content, adjectives & adverbs, and the poetic prose of our English language, to the god of conformity’s sameness, forcing amnesia of, “to thy own self be true.”

I’m sorry for all who’ve lost the art of reading to provoke their questioning of authority. I’m sorry when all women, aspirin notwithstanding are recast as 1950’s ‘colored girls,’ into a 2012 where the rainbow isn’t even acknowledged by their penis powered counterparts elevated by Peter Principle.


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