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I’m Roman Catholic but that’s not why I’m against abortion, for that would be like saying I’m Jewish because I’m against adults sexually forcing themselves on children, like some in Afghan tribes believing “boys are for pleasure and women are for children.”

The equalizing truth is, there is no difference between the Afghan in Toulouse, France who shot Jewish children, the American Sergeant who massacred Afghan children and the Floridian vigilante who, in “self-defense,” gun downed a seventeen year old on a TV sports break for Skittles.

They were all self appointed avengers who cowardly attacked those who were defenseless against assassins.  Yet these acts of terror are but the understandable extensions of the bullying of Corporations, Financial Institutions, the Military and Government.

New Rules are needed for how we demonstratively express our beliefs in right & wrong, Right & Left and Black, White, Red, Yellow & Brown.  New Rules that reflect more the old Golden Rule of ‘Love thy Neighbor as thyself, and there but for the grace of God’s gift of “Free Will,” go I stomping on the head of a Rand Paul protester.

We need new rules to expose the new reality of bullying, for like the Blunt Amendment, bullying is those with the gold dominating those without a voice.

Coaches, who pay players to “take out” opponents and those who do so, are bullies. Bullying is a brutal offence to humanity whether assault with intent to steal smart phone or profit protecting AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as accessories after the fact.  Whenever the stronger intimidate the weaker, it’s bullying, and dorm room prying cameras spies prove bullying can be deadly.

Whether the sanctimonious supposedly sacrosanct Richmond State Assembly of GOP (Gang of Probers) led by Vaginal Probe Bob McDonnell, “The Land of the Free” opposes government that opposes “The Spirit of 1776” by imposing their cultural, sexual or religious beliefs on any other American’s political, sexual or personal choices.

First we must recognize bullying in all its forms, like Religious:  the Inquisition, violent resistance to construction of lower Manhattan Muslim Community Center and suicide bombers; Political: elected officials imposing limitations on voting rights and branding a woman’s right to choose with a scarlet letter; Financial:  Paul Ryan’s budget strike two and traders working for Wall Street institutions who chose to sacrifice America and Americans, on their altar of greed, prostitution and cocaine consumption.

Whether we serve our children Pink Slime or market them to death with fast fatty foods, cigarettes and overly caffeinated alcohol laced energy drinks, it’s bullying.

As America is taken over by Corporatism, Conservatism and K Street Lobbyists, the poor are buried further, melting polar ice ignored and attempted murder of Middle Class depletes targets so much that Goldman Sachs has no choice but to eat its own — but must Muppets be given a bad name.

We are better than the bullying vaginal probing, abortion murderers of personal freedoms, eroding reason in conservative state houses throughout America.

So when standing up in self-defense for Justice, against the residue of Jeb Bush’s Florida, remember:  lead by the example of “One Nation Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL,” especially the children.


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