What’s the GOP deal about Our 2012 Elections?!?

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Answer: recapturing America. Ah but which America, the America of 1776, black & white 50’s, embattled 60’s, Watergate 70’s, the 80’s Trickle Down & CIA “Team B,” NAFTA 90’s or the dawning of the age of “drill, baby drill wars? If only we could agree on which America to elect.

In 2012 we vote about the Right to Work, Corporate Personhood, Voter Suppression and a politically compromised Supreme Court. It’s about “show me the money:” those who have it, those who used to and those who never did. It’s about K Street lobbyists transforming both Congressional political parties into a posturing puppet show of American regime change.

It’s about the new slavery, reminding us that neither North nor South engaged in a great Civil War for great moral changes and because the reasons for the Civil War survived: Ted Nugent’s “You see, I’m a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan,” black lynching as late as the 1980s or Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin, America’s internal uncivil war continues its battle over wages, and the fear of losing something to those “different” ‘guys and dolls.’

We vote because of ALEC laws, the Blunt Amendment, Ryan’s anti-Middle Class budget, PIPA & SOPA and Romney’s desire to eliminate the Dept of Education, knowing the uneducated are more easily manipulated into fighting among themselves.

It’s about over consumerism, oil power gaming at the pump and Grover Norquist tax residue. It’s about Rush power and Roving over the unprotected and unsuspecting.It’s about control of millions – not just dollars, but lives. It’s about Davids standing their ground before Goliath Robber Barons.

We vote to count against ‘those who will pay any price, impose any burden, ignore any hardship, support any 1% tax cut, oppose any healthcare reform in order to assure the survival and success of corporate rule’ through rigged elections favoring the most extreme Reactionary Conservatives of a Grand Old Party and its Governor minions like Florida’s Rick Scott, Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, Virginia’s Bob McDonnell, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Mississippi’s Phil Bryant devaluing women who can simply “close their eyes” during a government imposed vaginal probe. Since a ‘Scarlet Letter’ seems insufficient, then let us brand all women in the color of rage, shame and Communism: GOP RED.

Boycotts against offending banks and corporations, accompanied by calls insisting Congress investigate and regulate them, is a wise vote filled with the vision of the Golden Rule exemplified in the “Buffett Rule.” Voting is the greatest patriotic act of protection for a truly democratic people.

It’s about every voting age American voting for the good of every Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, White American. Such voting will ‘speed up that day when all of God’s women, children and men, black & white, Jew & Gentile, Protestant & Catholic, Muslim & Mormon, will be able to join hands in civil debate in the halls of justice, the voting booths, houses of worship and educational institutions to vote for human decency.

Voting is about saving the Mocking Bird from those who would kill it.


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