Remembering Who We Are, we remember what to Honor

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All my uncles were Veterans. My Dad, of both WWII and Korea. All said, wars change those who fight them.

I say, corporations have now changed War, so only the funeral homes and they win them.

Still as a Veteran who sang his way through wartime with The Soldiers Chorus of the Army Field Band, I bow before and salute all Veterans who have sacrificed their blood, body parts, time with loved ones and life here on earth, for they are the best among us.

I ask only that as we honor those who sacrificed for America, let us also honor the equality, justice and freedom for which they fought for ALL Americans, regardless of political, racial, religious or sexual persuasion, in particular for those who gave them life: women!

For American women, human rights are impossible without Equal Rights.

The Equal Rights Amendment needs three States, unbiased Legislators and the all American crowd to become Law in “The Land of the Free.”

“Is Anybody there?” “Does Anybody Care?” “Does Anybody See What I See?!?”

Please share to show your support, and embrace the power of the crowd.

Thank You.


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