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Three times in my life I’ve visited altars reputed to be “more powerful than a locomotive:” Lourdes, a NJ cloistered priests community and a tiny chapel in Lake Worth, Florida where a touring Madonna waited.

Each time, I was struck dumb, save for the words “thank you for forgiving me” and “I love you.” I always say, never miss an opportunity to say, I love you, but getting tongue tied on thank you and forgiveness, was perforce, a command performance.

Our 2012 election year overflows with opportunities (and people) needing forgiveness and many who’ve earned a thank you, and perhaps more than a few, deserving an, “I love you.”

For 24 hours let’s accept “The Call” to set down the heavy affliction of any anti-humanity load we’re carrying: name calling, Supreme licensing of election sales to the highest bidder, hate for those who think, look, live, vote and act differently than we, desire for revenge, belief that our having more requires someone else having less, manipulation of elections and any suppression of any voters regardless of politics. Tweet your own list and “Let Go.”

Relieve our shoulders of such weights. Place them in the dirt where they belong. Shake off their dust from your feet and for a day walk freed from the shackles of such burdens on your heart and mind.

For the John Edwards in your life, allow them to depart in peace knowing the wages of their sins will haunt them forever without our help, and those insisting on the sacredness of all life, send an I love you, to the children.

For those who use failed businesses and loss of jobs like stunt men fake real life tragedy, send forgiveness from all under the Bain knife of a thousand cuts, and thanksgiving that at least Massachusetts was 47th and not 50th in the nation.

Be grateful that those who gave us the economic opportunity to sharpen our survivor skills through torturous financial calamity, are now but visiting White House stand-ups instead of reprising their roles as warring cutups. Thankfully pray we are as wise as the tortoise and dismiss dishonest promises of quick and easy fixes.

Be thankful that unemployment only inched back up, but remains lower than the soaring heights 2008 ignited. Let us say a thankful “Amen” that interest rates are plummeting downward and forgive the ‘Liberal Media’ for not mentioning it.

We inspire ‘Money Changers’ by our voting against them, of, by and for all of the people, or by emulating them with aspirations of acquiring more things by standing on the backs of others.

What is the truth that will set us free? What would an all loving, giving, forgiving Jesus really do about jobs, over consumerism, greed, economic imbalance, discrimination against women, Hispanics and other minorities?

Would Jesus abolish, slavery, the promises of the Statue of Liberty or both? Would Jesus tell Wall Street, “Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy; Love thy neighbor as yourself,” regardless of where they fit in the political, racial, financial or sexual spectrum?

Honestly, to most, in character changing leadership positions in Corporate America, Wall Street Banks, Protestant, Muslim, Mormon, Jewish, Roman Catholic and other religious institutions, Jesus could easily challenge, “Who among you can cast the first stone?”

As for us who chastise extremists in media, politics and religion, let us ponder, for a day, “If I could but touch the hem of His garment,” then forgive, love and be thanksgiving, I say.


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