Raw $ewage Politics

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“To the victor go the spoils.” Americans Left & Right voting out of Wisconsin common sense, uncommon money or Common Cause confirming Party lines on equal pay for women: Democrats pro; Republicans billion dollar sponsored con.

Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s hotwired links to “Mission Accomplished” lie, personify choice between a Conservative Corporate run country vs. progression forward to an ‘all are created equal’ America!

We need a “Deep Throat” National focus: “follow the money,” and expose it, allowing Biblical “David” to embolden our Left to recapture the hill, center Congress and balance America.

To make a point, you do park tents. To make a nation, you Occupy voter registrations and help get picture IDs to those in need. Want to sing and march, encircle Supreme Court like Joshua at Jericho, and Occupy until your voices crack the walls of injustice.

For ‘Big Picture” long term results, Occupy Left in counter balance to Tea Party, giving progressive backbone to the only politicians who give a damn about your mothers, student loans, health & Medicare, wives, education, police, firefighters, sisters, teachers and economic equality.

Pledge to amend the Constitution to outlaw Goliath money outlaws whether government purchasing billionaires, Wall Street Bankstas, Koch heads, Rove rogues, or Hoffa stained unions. Occupy to purge the foul stench of bought elections.

TV ads are marketing pitches from sons of bitches purposefully misleading, which is alright for soap or California cigarette tax, but when it’s our “one nation under God,” we need resist being GW’s “you can fool all of the people some of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.”

Follow the Money” behind the ads to expose those who don’t want government food inspectors or banking regulations for super bonus prevention; all while the chicken-sh*ts use media to convince us to consume the chemical waste products they produce in secret animal jails.

Thus practicing “there’s a sucker born every minute,” we’re pitched into ‘sold” cycle, conditioned by their blitzkrieg into believing “off message” is a bad thing. “Off Message” means ‘off script,’ candid comments, spontaneous unabashed momentary truth – a slip into sheer unrehearsed honesty that only liars fear.

Investigate endless cash flowing into our political stream, selling Americans a bill of ‘bads’ with mind numbing Koch heads, Trumped up by a tearful White House Rove exit strategy before Patrick Fitzgerald finds out he’s off to see the Rumpelstiltskin wizards.

Not all slime is in beef, nor all BS found in chicken. Those who gain most from peddling waste products for food are killing us with what we don’t know about Lobbying excrement fertilizing 1% financial preservation.

We can Romney ourselves into a Walker conservative state Right in goose step with European austerity plan that is bankrupting Greece, Spain and Italy or we can stop letting TV political ads with melodious voiceover and feel good patriotic sound tracks herd us into selling our souls and country down the Supreme Corporate River Styx.

If we do not pledge to each other to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision to sellout our elections, government and country through Corporate Personhood hiding beneath phony patriotism mega bucks umbrella, “Citizens’ United,” our chickens will come home to roost oozing the s**t PACs have been shoveling, and we will have stepped in it in abandonment to the outhouse, as recycle outlets for Pharmaceutical cow pies.

So this election year let’s relieve ourselves of media sponsored conflict to perpetuate chaotic National division, help Europe help America and Occupy new bold aggression for Justice for All,” and transparent elections.


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