“For Whom the Bell Tolls,” the Heat is on and the Power is off. So, are we ready for a Miracle, or another lie we tell ourselves?!?

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Minions maneuvered by marketing minutes of minute manipulated memories of the biggest, best and most powerful nation in the world, blindsided by those benefiting most from dumping loads of the unnecessary on the sold, to blot out “average” in education.  It’s easier to control someone who buys the over advertized, diminishing adrenalin, momentum and drive to, where’s the remote and pass the fries.

Masters control best by prohibiting reading, writing, learning, knowing an educated people, inevitably transform from subservient property to dangerous minds.  Corralling the masses to keep them “fat, lazy and stupid,” for the benefit of the master class, is inherited past.

Did a Wall Street magnet launch your career or was it a teacher who propelled you forward toward your dreams, educating you in the wisdom of thinking, for to ponder, evaluate, hypothesize the new, brainstorm the better next, is ‘The Wind Beneath our Wings.’

What lessons then, in 2012 winds:  Millions of masters’ dollars needed in Wisconsin to defeat recall.  Victories come in spurts of determination, but are seldom 100%.  Still hazed by VP wannabe Governor reinstating BOV culprit is no defeat, for each victory will help you some other to win.

Indeed we will never control power of top 1%, but our relentless scrutiny can burn like three digit heat.  Truth serum of self-discovery prevents being left in the dark, after power is restored:  Nature  gives lessons in humility, respect and ingenuity, lighting our pathway forward, it fulfills grand design of harmonic ensemble through, ‘Revelation.’

Cooper out; Great White in, for Cape Cod fourth; Scientology & Chimps amuck; Nora Ephron gone;  Aimee flesh eating victory; “Memries” of the way we were consumed by wild firestorms disappearing hundreds of homes.  Children poisoned by detergent packs and Pharmaceutical giant fined three billion for advocating new drug pushing child abuse.  Is it time for Chinese milk contamination solution?

While earth slows, we leap a second, with internet crashing fifty shades of gray screams for Magic Mike; Long lines for gasoline, libraries, Amtrak bus retreat and cooling stations; Romney machine almost out doles Obama ATM – all while Nation’s capital and twenty-three states, united in missing AC, circle up to clean up from Ohio to New Jersey and throughout the three Virginias.

Approaching our muted “rockets’ red glare” Independence celebration, we reaffirm our union, if we resurrect anew the value of our mutual interdependence.

On Friday June 29, 2012 enraged wind wreaked havoc over a seven hundred mile highway of hellish destruction from Midwest to mid-Atlantic, cutting power to five million and killing thirteen, the day I got the call that dear friend, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, already spread to his liver, at forty-seven.

And still GOP leadership doesn’t get it.  Boehner shocked to his political healthcare roots, encourages flood waters of enraged Conservatives, like Mitch, missing message: “We the People” are not a solo line, but an intertwined mass appeal of humanity international, for whom Franklin admonished, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

With chaos in our midst, what lessons then?  Emancipating black Americans, means opening borders to brown ones?  Oh, what a slippery yellow brick road we navigate, when fallen “Justice for All” trees heap debris of closed minds upon silent Asian Americans awaiting recognition, and “the first shall be last and the last shall be first,” inclusion of Native Americans, rising again to wash away our red faced shame.

“Are you ready for a Miracle?  “Exceptionalism” comes with being one people, indivisible.  The exceptional shame:  embracing “United We Stand” only in disaster.

Truth is, ‘The Bell Tolls for Thee.”


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