The Storm before the Calm

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Face it, things have changed into a new global reality and it’s here to stay, despite ABC’s “Buy Made in America” ratings campaign seducing us into missing both message and messenger.

To survive simple solutions offered by simple minded, attention must be paid, for victory goes to the quick study, adjusting and civilly compromising with frienimies in peaceful co-existence.

How did we get to a place where we cannot see the massive distinction between the GOP of Lincoln & Reagan and that of GW & Romney? Here we are all excited about Oregon’s Electric Car highway, when we’ve already allowed oilmen to kill the Electric Car.

FLASH: Historical Perspective — millions came looking for a chance for a better life, but change took different paths: working poor, employed educated middle class, aggressive assault of industry mountain top in lower Manhattan — each to his own, knowing his place in society. Sounds perfect doesn’t it, but following WWII, while 1950’s TV Land reinforced this perfect black and white world, the living color real world scales were tipped horribly out of balance.

FLASH: Descendents of those few who rose to top American industry, started entertaining impure anti-American thoughts, initiating corporate distortion of The Marshall Plan into the fifty year formula of the Military Industrial Complex: to protect and defend Conservative Corporate status-quo from any of those Commie Liberal Progressive Lefties and their New Deal leftovers providing economic equity and justice for all.

FLASH: CEOs of Wall Street think they deserve everything they get, including freedom from regulation, profits from bogus wars and empirical bonuses. Having no concept of an American Spring Occupation, they crush people like Tucker and Obama for fear they may lose a few more dollars, because they still believe they can eat money.

FLASH: We have changed or have been changed, either way things won’t change until we change them. We must proceed forward and upward at regulated speed, minus the greed, or else…

Trees down & power off, intensive and oppressive heat, lifeguards fired for saving lives, Syrian general defects while western technology helps Assad sustain, SUV’s highway warped speed airborne, coal cars piled offline, 350 homes fire subdued but flames rise anew, polar ice meltdown and parental life expectancy greater than their children.

FLASH: London gives Independence Day lesson: fireworks for Barclay Chief Bob Diamond, suggesting penalties for individual Bankstas, not just financial institutions.

FLASH: Like all torpedoes, exceptional American torpedo does not run the straight and narrow full speed ahead without making course adjustments. Our nation’s life, fortunes and sacred honor are adjusting course and we as a people can link arms to help each other hold on until the roller coaster stills, or learn Chinese.

Our road to restoration yields not to marketing temptation to repel each other, nor to being maneuvered into repealing what’s best for all. Victory’s in “United We Stand” for freedom from corporate manipulated want, in-fighting and lack of civility.

No need to return to horse and buggy, but nor succumb to conservative pitch that reruns of Father Knows Best are America’s finest hour.

Our changed priorities were seductively subtle, until 2000 team blatantly morphed us into play dough corporate puppets. Failing to recognize, we’ve been changed into convenience needy over consuming gadget cravers, glued to small screens and missing the universal big picture, we failed to diet “Fat Cats” with denied access to our elections, government and souls.

From one who sees Garden of Eden and “Big Bang” as different paths to the same destination, should Mother Nature choose change and retaliate against her multiple rapists, what then?

Tune out corporate marketed uncertainty and media hype, then listen to honey bees.


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