2012: Aristocracy or Democracy

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Lies, Left & Right, make trust more challenging than the uncertainly caused by Corporations hording millions to topple black listed administration…..

2012:  whether dead heat politics proves permanent division or point-of-no-return reversal, it’s our choice.  Brains boiling in stifling heat Scrooges, “you gotta spend money to make money,” logic into 1% has all the answers or are the villains victimizing 99%.  Either way, revolution is in the wind blowing down trees and cutting off power to cool headed thinking.

2012:  year of the fair shake, or fearful fists shaking in the unknown faces of those holding America hostage?  Historically unseen powers have instituted many control methods to harass if not harness the “Great Unwashed Horde,” believing, ‘you’re simply not one of us and you never will be.’  Money bagged owners trying to own us are convinced they alone made America an international colossus, forgetting the masses of humanity who give America its courageous soul and generous spirit.

2012:  recapture the essence of decency toward all regardless of social status, financial income or idiosyncrasies.  Purge, cleanse and purify ourselves of greed and the greedy – recharge and renew the very best we’ve ever been.

Americans have survived many tests, many times overcoming the powerful greed of the self-aggrandized looking to crush a nation by diminishing the freedoms of its people…..

1776/birthed, 1812/confirmed, 1865/sustained, 1929/crashed, 1941/humbled, 1945/victorious, 1960’s/bloodied, 1983/unemployed, 1998/balanced, 2001/Bushwhacked, 2008/betrayed, 2012 bought & sold or rejuvenated, revitalized and reunited.

2012:  discover we are as dumb as billionaires think we are, or descendents of the greatest generations in history, indeed the backbone and workforce who created billionaires.

2012:  change channel from Congressional and Conservative State House reruns, to “Justice for All” reality TV.

2012:  exchange pre-emptive war for pre-emptive national domestic fixes:  affordable healthcare for all, slowing skyrocketing Insurance premiums, balancing plummeting home values with rising foreclosures, student loan relief, infrastructure repair, fair & equitable tax laws, equal rights (& pay) for women and all who’ve been cast as second class, defeating new old Jim Crow voter Picture ID laws……

2012:  American Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, Green & Undecided parties, uniting for a better country than billionaires can buy, and better countrymen in government than Rove greased Koch heads…..

2012:  Choosing the Who we are

1) “People not working should do their fair share,”

2) “…my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact,”


3) we’re as smart as police surveillanced phones, realizing to save the 99% from self-described VIPs, we must unite Tea Party, Occupy and No Labels in honor of our “Out of Many, One” heritage, and be the glue that seals America back together.

Maybe the lesson of three digit heat waves, sudden hurricane winds snapping huge trees onto power lines, causing massive power outages for millions, for weeks, is not whether the weather is Global Warming or Climate Change but rather, are we ready to deal with the real issues threatening American survival, from middle America dinner tables down to Goldman Sachs “Muppets?”

2012:  political ads off, fact check on:  Charity begins at home plate and calling out charities as “social welfare” organizations, scoring more than Citizen’s United Super PACs, prevents Aristocracy from striking out Democracy.

2012:  informed voters are the pitch that brings us home.


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