America’s Crosshairs: What’s Right or What’s Best for All.

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Dark Friday 20 July 2012 was no day for politics, but a day for pulling campaign ads off Colorado airways and cancelled engagements by office seekers, for once again one of us armed without logic or humanity, wreaked havoc, tragedy, death and destruction on innocent victims. Presidential candidates paused for prayer and reflection, First Lady cancelled Virginia visits and media salivated.

Twelve killed……fifty-eight forever wounded in crowded Colorado movie theatre…..national and personal families devastated and POTUS flies in (not over) to try to ease our pain. American inhumanity against fellow Americans seems only time “United We Stand.”

However, again the know-it-alls prevent our reflective pause to meditate on how far we’ve come to encore bloody returns, with aftermath rerun: opportunistic gun control pleas, hypocritically timed just behind those grieving, left behind.

Deadly truth blurred in blend of blinding tears, heroic sacrifice, blood curdling screams and drooling myopic news with dramatized theme music punctuated by reverberated deep voices, sparing no detail except new ones. Droning repetition of crime in words that bleed so it leads, further transforming “Fourth Estate” into corporate owned branch of gunrunners.

I’m no friend of gun totting NRA marketed practitioners, but if this was about guns, we wouldn’t need mass murder to excuse conversation, and God forbid, taking action against wild-west throw backs on our 21st century streets.

This is about the mindset of ever present urinating contests in Wall Street Board Rooms, voter suppressing states and political PACs.

It’s loving the adrenalin of power through violence, whether in an oil rigged Iraq war, American profits from illegal drugs Afghanistan provided, street ganged urban territories, pimps over prostitutes, corporate takeover conspiracies or deranged lone assassins.

It is decency, civility and “Justice for All” balancing act vs. electing hate, ‘me me me’ abandonment of fellow human beings, and destruction of Middle Class hope.

Nonetheless, like “Johnny One Note” media, we must go on and on, but unlike media, our direction is forward, no matter how wounded by bullets, lies, bought & paid for government or those who sold their souls offshore many tax returns ago.

Again we “Rise Up and Walk” blessing our children with an American Dream: debt-free college education, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Federal Housing Authority and our earned & paid for Social Security and Medicare.

Despite Romney/Ryan’s easily brainwashing their extreme ultra Right targets into collective amnesia, ten year accumulation of economic problems won’t be swept away in three.

Though top 1% gamesters enjoyed gigantic income increases, due in large part to increased productivity by the 99%, household incomes have not seen a raise since 1999, proving Trickle down never worked, customers, not corporations are job creators and you can’t trust government to those who hate ‘of, by and for the people.’

What dare we believe amidst lost jobs, underwater mortgages, wiped out 401K, and part-time income?  This: bet you $10,000 Romney will leave all 99% of us out in the cold, on our own.

America’s choices: vote for a country where working people earn enough to raise a family, buy a home, educate their children and save enough to retire comfortably OR vote with extreme Right Tea to be working poor for Romney’s 1%.

As Medicaid’s protection for nursing home seniors and disabled children proves, we are meant to be our brother’s keeper, but not their masters. Neither shall we be victims of the violence from unfettered and unregulated corporate billionaire bankrolled capitalism bullets.

It is the 99% who built this country and given time (before Right makes it all go wrong) and education, it will be a united 99% meeting in the middle, who rebuild it.


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