Odds are, Playing the Percentages is a Numbers Game

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As a nation, we’ve been on a roller coaster ride since discovering that being a successful Hoover or Bain business man, doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to save a damaged economy, for when solving our problems becomes playing the odds of percentages against one another, “We the People” become the numbers on the power grab list of line items.

Whether I speak in the tongues of men or of angels is my choice, but feeling no love for all my fellow Americans, I am only a resounding Peter King gong or a clanging GOP cymbal.

If my world view is tea stained with the belief that only I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and am at peace in my faith that my guys can move mountains of voter numbers with the dollar numbers in their bulging pockets, but disdain 47% of Americans, I am nothing.

If I give all I possess to the shallow and give over the bodies of the less fortunate to hardship, so I can boast, “We Built It,” but do not have love that’s not paid for, I gain nothing.

To be American is to be patient and kind to each other, not boasting a house divided with percentages.  There is no pride, only dishonor in preferring self-seeking over loving thy neighbor.

“Oh come on” Cantor, it’s anti-American to be so angered over FDR New Deal for all, that you keep a record of how he saw the numbers: 100% wronged, thus rejecting any delight in evil in favor of rejoicing in the truth that all are created equal.

By necessity, Government is the umbrella “We the People” hold, opening and closing at will with each voting booth visit, in mutual hope and trust in, always protecting, preserving and defending all of the people, all of the time.

Choosing Right 47% to betray Middle independence over what’s Left fails our Constitution and its prophecies.  Where there are the Villages of Florida listening to fork tongue regarding Medicare, while ignoring the need for their fifty-five and under fellow citizens, there must be stillness for reflection, or where there is knowledge of what is honest, just, pure and good, will pass away.

We cannot afford short term memory loss and pretend substance where there is none, for that would be to prophesy in part, and when with the dawn of November 7th completeness comes, what is in part, can have disappeared us.

When I was a John Sununu child, I talked like anti-Vet Orrin Hatch child, I reasoned like a anti-farmer Boehner child, but with great recession America must rise above money changers’ child abuse, stand tall as thinking adults and, just like ‘The Gilded Age’ of ‘Robber Barons,’ put the ways of selfish Paul Ryan childishness behind us.

For now we see our own reflection in the mirror of “off the cuff” percentages proving whether 47% or 99%, we are odds out, only if we choose to be digits in the 1% numbers game.

On November 6, 2012 we shall see our future face to face as “All for One and One for All,” or on your own Rove doormats.

Now we know in part what Koch heads say about half of America behind our backs in mansions of wine, women and song.  So shall we not now choose to know fully, allowing our votes to make us fully known as a 100% united nation?

Now it’s our choice:  Faith in each other, Hope for our “Out of Many, One” future, but the greatest is our power to love all of God’s children, even those Conservative, Independent and Liberal payroll tax paying 47% who are not the Romney crowd’s “job to worry about.”  You know, “You People,” who think you’re “entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing,” who’ll never be convinced that “they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

It’s not the speeches of the soulless.  It’s the audienceapplauding while laughing at us, the numbers


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