In the land of Romney’s Lyins, Tiger$ and Bears knuckling under budget cuts, Ambassadors and Medicare Die-Oh My!

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What doesn’t add up, any more than a Romney/Ryan budget, is most Americans don’t bother connecting dots between deaths by Meningitis to Pharmaceutical induced medication shortages and Bengasi terrorists to Congressional Republican budget cuts by moral midgets, like Cantor, Boehner Mitch and lyin’ Ryan.  You smell something?

Let us not go forward, for forward is back to principals of Washington, Lincoln, New Deal and JFK saving world from Cuban Missile inspired WWIII – no, no, not back to back then, when we’ve fought so hard to reclaim that which Prescott B and Dallas Bs couldn’t steal — so killed.

No let us sink again, and deeper too, those who cannot see the life rope thrown, for swimming through our floods of supreme cash flow.  Is this you?

We have no choice, if we are to rise to the occasion of our birthright place, but to keep the White House white with the purer race.   “God Wills It,” is our white heat cry fueling one last battle for K Street Klan pie, we crush all hope on the victorious shores of voter suppression.  Is this slice yours?

What can government do to stop us when Rightly invaded, and what should it do for “little brown brothers” staining our white desert sands of time?  In self-preservation, we intimidate with Denver office shots as much as any Taliban little girl shooting.  You packin’?

It’s not limiting the size of government that burns in our shrinking hearts, it’s the Right to determine with both chambers filled, just who the government serves.  You for ill?

With one term goal for black listed administration, our obstruction  and media win back the Right of unquestioned projection of our sins, before too many perceive:  Voting is the uprising of Freedom of Speech that precedes Revolution – and not even Koch heads like Rove can shell game shovel enough Adelson excrement to un-fertilize thinking’s blossom, once 1776 revived.  You in?

Problem is it’s not just the damn Dems and wishy-washy undecided afraid to stop swinging.  Its many God fearing Republicans who, with growing embarrassment, may choose to stay home, over choosing between ourRight to be extremely wrong, and he who would be king again.  It’s not just the tea stained who fail to heed our financial need for Middle Class blood in Middle East sands.  Are you there yet?

It’s all the fault of that female specifics hall monitor Martha Raddatz, insisting our little Munster boy make the grade with all A’s: Afghanistan, Abortion and Americans too.  Why couldn’t she join in doormat club of Jim Lehrer, and refuse truth serum Mitt imposition?  Women!  They just think they’re so equal, and that’s just notRight.  You agree?

Now all you ‘June Cleavers’ need to fall in line behind Cecilia Aldana, who even after 2008 Cheney Bush League credit bash, depositing Latinos into 15.2% unemployment, still remains a true believer that God is Republican and that only Mercedes driving Romney supporters create jobs and build businesses.  With a few more like her, we can wink & nod Romney/Ryan right past the 47% without translation.  You Lip-sink?

See as long as we can fool good people like Cecilia into thinking the marriage between GOP & Corporate Wall Street, will produce small business offspring with jobs for all colors; we’ll be Right back in Oval saddle riding herd on the lower 99%. You like?

Honestly, while Right fails to ask their mirrors, ‘who’s the fairest of them all, for all,’ the good fellows take the fall.  You see?

Now, ask yourself, “Who Am I and what example am I setting for my children, younger than fifty-five?”  Then ask your mirror, is this the America I want to be?


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