Plague of Divisiion Corrupts Ability to connect dots between National Inception and Romnesia Infection

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If you don’t know why Constitutional 12th Amendment was added to protect infant Republic from mob rule mentality, you might be a “Put the white back in the White House” Romnesiac

If you believe we’re worse off than when Cheney’s burning Bush scorched our economy, you might be a cinder simmering in Romnesia

But, if you know the difference between Socialism and Communism, you might be a high school graduate


If you blame the President for high gas prices, but “remain silent” when they drop, you might be a Romnesiac

If you Rush to mislead and target opponents with gun sight cross-hairs, you might be a shooter, mentally ill with Romnesia

However, if unlike Virginia’s 30,000 machine gun owners you leave the ‘Ol West’ in movies, and hang up your 9-mm semi automatics, you might be the enlightened one


If you give insurance companies a pass on pre-existing conditions and youthful coverage until 26, you might be a Romnesiac

If you think the U. N. is an abstract adjunct moocher of America  like Mitt’s ‘47%,’ you might be ‘in your cups’ or an intellectually challenged S. E. Cup of Romnesia

But, if you believe in informed thinking before you speak, you might realize the U. N. personifies international thought


If you are all clammy to limit a president to one term by obstructing legislation to help Americans out of ‘The Great Recession,’ you might be a Mitch Romnesiac

If you poo-pooed “The Grand Bargain,” dumping on Social Security and Medicare, while sparing extremely wealthy taxation, you might be a Ryan, lyin’ about Romnesia

However, if you can discern between cable opinionated pretend news and corporate owned networks, you might be an undecided voter


If you used the debt ceiling politically, sacrificing compromise and civility, you might be a Young Guns Romnesiac

If you are a billionaire pied piper marching Congress to polarize our nation, you might be both host and carrier of Romnesia

But, if you are an American who believes being American means treating all Americans equally and humanely, you might be a hero


If you believe secret PAC political ads, you might have had unsafe sex with an infected Romnesiac

If you blocked legislation recognizing the right of ALL to marry their loved ones, you might be a Mormon Church disciple of Romnesia

However, if you see big picture and listen to views of others, you might be a descendent of our Founding Fathers


If you believe Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert are Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, then “good night & good luck,” cuz you might be a joke’s on you Romnesiac

If “you people” still believe “I love you women,” you might be a victim of Ledbetter Law Romnesia

But if you are a man who supports a woman’s full and equal citizenship, you might be an Equal Rights Amendment savoir


If you practice ‘my way or the highway,’ you might be a Conservative Governor Romnesiac

If you fail to see the need for a President, except for his ‘digits,’ you might be a Grover Norquist puppet inoculated with Romnesia

However, if you believe we are a ‘Republic if you can keep it,’ you might be a force against ‘flip flopping’ & Filibustering pretend patriots


If you’re frank about twisting words to spin people into voting against themselves, you might be a ‘Tricky Dick’ Luntz Romnesiac

If you pay to keep the fake fact checkers unchecked, you might be a Koch brother spreading Romnesia

But if you want America to be ‘all for one and one for all,’ you might be a real patriot


If you can’t recognize similarities between new voter ID laws and 1959 Virginia Governor closing public schools rather than integrate them, you might be a Romnesiac

If you vote for those who shout “liar” during State-of-the Union and praise “legitimate rape,” you might be a nightmare of Romnesia

However, if you refuse to donate to any Congressional candidate who obstructs bi-partisanship, you might be a Coffee Dreamer


If you choose to bet on America’s past rather than its future, you might be an Adelson Romnesiac

If you’ve forgotten how Bush/Cheney ‘Left Behind’ all of us, you might be in deep Romnesia

But, if you think being born in Detroit to a car company owning father sounds like, “I can see Russia from my house” foreign policy, you might be ready for the voting booth


If you think reminding a presidential candidate of American military updates is a “cheap shot,” you might be a “bomb, bomb Iran” McCain Romnesiac

If you think third debate was between a desperate Obama and a “man with the kind of temperament and demeanor that makes for a great president” you might be a Ryan & Milbank double dipping in Romnesia

However, if you think “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it,” you might be an informed voter, voting for campaign reform, saving America from American Crossroads double cross


If you believe mutual respect for all Americans is ‘The tie that binds’ the Declaration, Constitution, Gettysburg and “Old Glory” to our moving ‘Forward,’ you might be our true blue fair and balanced future.

‘Money Changers’ can’t steal your power to think, unless you give them the power of your vote.


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