October Surprise: Super SANDY Politics

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Perhaps Super SANDY is face slap for minds wired shut by money too dirty to be laundered glazing over our hearts and votes with false promises of fast solutions from fake patriots.

Ready or not, sometimes God steps in to settle it: there is no settling for lesser of two evils, when there are no two equals…

+ One faces depressed time of wars to help navigate altered lives, sue for peace and like Abraham, saves the union

+ One keeps secrets with the real voter frauds who use God’s name to dupe a nation, increasing their international wealth on the backs of education cuts, Big Bird, dead-lined ERA & Equal Pay, making a liar out of renovated Lady Liberty and under 55 Medicare promises.

Perhaps gods inhale our lost hope and exhale renewed wind beneath our wings, with rain force washing away short term memory loss from our mind’s eye – a Divine blow back for reason?  Or truth about good, bad and ugly we made in our own image…

+ Humpty Dumpty primed to take the fall

+ Vain capital victims now without power over flip flopping paper endorsements and mitts banefully finger flipping us down the road of government haters

+ Bested by those cresting public levees to limit private levies

The Wind Blows, the Sea flows but only the gods know what we have wrought upon ourselves as we abandon hope and welcome fairy tales from ‘true the vote’ wolves keeping some at bay from voting booth say.

For those who listen more than less, wisdom is in the wind…

+ less about what we think we know; more about what we choose to ignore

+ less about speech makers, media pundits and sound bites; more about audience supporters

+ less about the puppeteers in the shadows; more about those kept in the darkness of disinformation, misinformation and selective information

+ less about group think in back rooms producing etch-a-sketch flexibility; more about falling for last debate centering

+ less about the empty promises of opportunists palpitating for the thrill of the title, over actually governing; more about audience motivation for cheers, applause and fears

Absurd debating booing a gay soldier risking life on the field of battle, as one of the one percent who go to war to fight and die for the one ‘percenters’ with “other priorities,” courageous enough to demonstrate in favor of war, and cowardly enough not to put themselves or five sons in harm’s way.

Perhaps civility and cooperation are the lessons to learn in the before and after calm of Super SANDY, rediscovering, if only out of necessity, ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ as ‘it is more blessed to give.’

Timing is Divine: wonder if Super SANDY comes to purge, cleanse and purify our shores of billionaire hypocrites of wars.  Abraham, are there ten non-Koch heads not steeped in secrets, lies, bias and inability to understand the horror that is rape, or are we left with……

+ Those Akin to Sununu who chicken run from truth of their mutual ad allegiance with what God wills for women

+ Those who front for money rumps who seek domination of nation

+ Those who tea stain a woman’s ultimate right:  the choice of not being sexually assaulted by unwanted probes from either individual penises or Conservative pricks

The real ‘Frankenstorm’ threatening USA is the rising tide of acceptance of obvious shifts in position to manipulate, maneuvering us to vote against what’s best for all. Careful we don’t allow rational thought to drift out with the low tide.

Please be safe this Super SANDY week, and next week keep all of us safe, by recognizing those trying to sell us the very outhouse in which they foreclosed on us, by casting your vote for those who believe this about America…..

+ There is no love for God and Country without love for all God’s creations – earth and all that live upon it.

+ What is legitimate is not rape, but this:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“God Wills It!”


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