Month: November 2012

Denying Defeat with POTUS Gifting Amidst General Media Sex

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Fiscally 46 days away from results of showboated ‘debt ceiling’ ‘Mad Hatter’ clatter, transforming nation into “super committee” victims, Congress fails arithmetic:  sex & gift talk and 12 divided, can’t add up.

Generally I welcome sex talk during fore, halftime or glowing after, but don’t get a rise from emails from shirtless FB eyes exploding prematurely in Cantor House Right.

So ‘Generally’ speaking, unless State Secrets, like FBI chest, were email exposed, there’s no more scandal here than Eisenhower and Patton following example of Alexander Hamilton.

Now if we can get Media off its muddy knees long enough to swallow the mission truth about investigative reporting, we can change their heads set on indulgence overflow and release them with the aplomb of a bitter sweet French kiss, adieu to small headed reporting.

Privately flashing minority gifts, during Peyton Place Parody as phoned in excuse for anti-climatic finish, suggests failure to recognize, it was anti-woman polices that made victory impotent.

For if we ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ about military and corporate rape of women, and unzip the cover up of penis head perpetrators by commanding officers, should we be chuckling at Krystal and S. E. balling with cup of cutesy “really” comic banter?

How defeated a party is when, like proportion lacking Media, it’s blind to tag team Broadwell & Kelly bigger picture, preferring continued dismissal of those cast as second class citizens, for missing extra appendage?

Now quickies over, shall we, as nation of bigger head thinking, get back to prioritizing our children, education, employment and economic stability?

Tuesday November 13th, I was on the phone with POTUS.  Conditioned by how low politics has fallen, I expected nothing more than a pre-recorded video of thanksgiving speak.  However, when a female voice interrupted the intros, I was proven wrong.

“One moment sir, I’m adding him to the call,” she said with efficiency her priority.

With that, I waited, along with the “tens of thousands” of OFA volunteers also on the conference call to hear the voice of the man who was re-elected by the voice of the people, in part, because hearing their voice, the President adds his own to their causes.

That, survivor Ryan, shameful Graham, traitor to better self McCain and lost Romney is just one reason your policies, blinded to the realities of daily Middle Class struggles, failed to defeat Barack Obama.

President Obama opened with, “Hey Mitch…..I’m doing great how are you?”  Then, “You guys help build the greatest grassroots efforts in the history of the country…..and you will always be part of that history.”

“You’ve changed the nature of the electorate.”

“Everything you did…..all helped people get involved in their civic life, in some cases for the first time, and this made us a better country.”

“After the first debate when everyone was sure this was a disaster, you just kept on going.”  “I will always be in awe and inspired by what you’ve done.”

“An election is just the beginning.”  “It’s not the end point.”  It’s a means to the goal, and that is to help families all across the country.”

“To all the volunteers on the phone, I love you guys; I’m so proud of you…..America is never going to be the same because of what you’ve done.  It’s just a better place, because of your involvement.”


Comparing this to Romney’s telephone conversation with donors reveals void in new 21st century GOP gut, necessary to accept the 1% responsibility for Right policies’ rape of women and all the minorities who, with their vote, vetoed GOP POV.

Third debate proved center move for votes and brown faces next time teaser, garners neither victory nor core rot cure while Koch heads still lack empathetic intercession with people whose views differ from 19th century.

Petitioning Macy to divorce Trump builds better bridges than petitioning to secede from nation, as would prioritizing our children’s education rather than allowing Virginia’s degrading degradation. 

“I know not what course others may take, but as for me,” I proceed forward.

The Washington Obama Line

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So what made millions of Liberal, Independent and Conservative Americans stay in line to run up their score – each voting against, more than for  –  was it to prove pundits wrong in our enthusiasm lacking, or tired of money bags passing out Bibles and slogan ads to twist patriotism definition, we sent packing?

Why after Senate added another Flake, did we stand holding the line for America’s sake?  Why, when all but supreme secret money was weary of campaigns and begged for a break, was “stay in line,” our only choice to make?

With perpetrators projecting their sins using Communist, Socialism, Elitist labels the easily misled can neither distinguish nor defend, we held the line against pretend.

Deep in muck and mire, weighed down by oil rich insider trading Congress on our backs, treading red sea back to land of the free, we stayed the line emulating Veteran acts.

Hurricane blown out of power, left homeless amidst debris searching through soggy life memories.  In the falling Nor-Easter snow fighting dazed from the toll, we bitched and moaned but held our own.  Heads high, we walked to poll defending, like war Veterans, our rights in the cold.

Voting more enduring than flippant finger jesters, so even Ohio’s Jon Husted and Florida’s Rick Scott can count the voting lines’ messengers.  As their green supply did try to deny ERA and equal pay, we, led better than they, overcame “legitimate rape” and impregnated voting lines anyway.

From east to west, dawn to dusk and all through the night, our bodies, each a precious jewel, strung together continued the fight.  Lining up from Philadelphia, Concord, Lexington, Independence, Gettysburg, Emancipation, assassinations, wars & peace, Kent State & Watergate, Trickle Down Reaganomics, Koch heads Rove & Adelson, Mitch pitched polarization, Trumped up Birthers, Hedge Fund Money & Media driven controversies – through it all, like minute men, we answered the call to “stay the course,” again.

First Thanksgiving last time when all were unanimous, to kill the Indians, take their food and claim Turkey day for us.  From 1776 to now, to one degree or another, American civil war history has tried to drag us under.

Lincoln and Kennedy sacrificed to save our house divided, defiantly preserving freedom’s life line against mission accomplished Klan guided.  Holding the bloody line for peace, our Veterans spared America plunder.  Now we “stay in line” against gunrunners who’d put us under.

Bushwhacked set adrift and left behind to mend, we sail segmented in separation from moneyed old men. Rigidly they stare backward affixed in warped memories of what should never have been.

Saluting ‘Red, White and Blue,’ black, brown, yellow, gray haired and youthful student descendents all over time, embraced glory old and new by staying in the line.

“Fiscal Cliff” educated by smoke and mirrors of “No Child Left Behind,” we know what billions spent in dishonest spree, could have bought in wisdom from Rain Forest, outer space and the deep, BP free, blue sea.  For all who follow heed this plea from ‘First Responders,’ like teachers see, we always stood the lines for thee.

The worst lie we tell is the lie we tell ourselves, and skewed data mining defines hearts and minds regarding ocean levels and “Climate Change,” but it’s our character that punctured the bubble man of Bain, as we turned from rerun of same and toed the line again.

Voting acknowledges good, bad and ugly of immigrants invading Native American land, from property emancipated to freedom, from female ornaments to women voters, from internment camps to Asian Vets, from “Illegals” to perchance to Dream Act, and to beat the band, now marijuana smoking just as legal for married gay couples, as it is for the straight and narrow clan – staying in the lines, “United We Stand.”

Having survived the Red heat of Derecho, embarrassing European trip fiasco, attempted RGA voter suppression dough, insults to female intelligence with S. E. Cupps of Ingram & Matalin – now shaken and stirred with vile of Coulter bile – served up with forked tongue ala Boehner.  As the front line, we stand for a House that is saner.

United citizens, we now scale Citizens United summit, to overrule Supreme stupidity equating American souls to Wall Street double cross damn it.  Staying in line, we hold until upheld Voting Rights Act relieves the gamut.

In all our glorious colors, genders, political & sexual persuasions, stacking millions of bodies against billions of dollars, Americans lined up re-declaring our independence:  ‘This far and no farther will you come.  Here your proud waves must stop!’  Then on concrete we drew the line, staying to restrain 1% top.

Rising up from ashes of corporate rule, we vote to replace anger with civility and unity, staying in the line which our Forefathers inaugurated with freedom’s agility.

Right Rove, the answer was in the wind, but not Sandy.  Rather the blow hards against branded “47%,” in the voting lines bonded to Gandhi.

In lines deserting vaginal probe offers for goals in the polls, we became again “The Home of the Brave,” voting for all American souls.

With love for truth that sets all free, we, like fearless Malala, stood in line for all the world to see, and voted our humanity.