Month: December 2012

Tis the Season for what matters most

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Our thoughts, feelings (hidden ones too), all we utter in whisper, write or do; what we buy or sell, whether we pray or oh well:  All reflects present character and souls past, projecting our values on unknown lives, both young and old with flags, half mast.

Welcoming, even a bitter sweet holiday season at juncture of old and New Year, equally recognizing whether from far or near, family, friends, home, car, indeed all here, reflect who we are – to be clear, we’re defined by what and who we hold most dear, and it matters all year.

Instead of repressing memories of our past, resurrect and rediscover unlearned lessons at last.  Katrina, Derechos, and two Sandys crushed all ashore, but memorialize too the reaching out of neighbors and government to insure we endure.

Truth brings both pain and joy with each height and depth, teaching us what matters most and least, lest with each falling to our knees, we cast ourselves merely reactors to the beast.

Yes lovely Ann of courage, imagine all for one, honoring all with lifestyle of daily acts of kindness.  Boots on the ground and birthday parties too for homeless, together can bind us.  Imitation being greatest flattery, with open arms, hearts and minds let’s become channels through which Wall Street to Main Street recompense flows to all 99% left behind by fiscal foes.

Perhaps before Drones no longer needed over there rain down control on protesting Americans, we need master the masters whose triggers and strings master those to whom we bestow power over people, places and things.  Alas, what matters most is what’s in store for us to counter 364 nights and days before December 25th and after.

Raising protest banner before one who sees youthful carnage as bottom line sales boost in happier New Year scanner, matters less than “enough is enough.”  Rather it is for us the living to do what matters most, even while grieving.  Follow through, replacing Congressional Lobby nonsense deceiving, with in common sense believing.

Elect more teachers to Congress to educate away ‘do nothing’ mental state to manmade cliffs abate.  What really matters is teaching and learning that instruments of peace and war can enable both saint and sick to make a score.

While decent folks can take a joke, and enjoy a little target practice, Wayne LaPierre speaks only as, for and to those dangerously doped on violent axis.  If to kill a mocking bird is a sin, then save nation’s children from NRA mad-ad men.

Maybe now, is good for moral review of things written for different times, to lift morale from history lesson in the tie that binds.

Could it be when newly formed, Congress, not wanting standing army, but like those who actually revolution fought (fearing British return to fire up reconnection of a sought), opted to establish a continued minute men militia just in case, preferring a national guard at the ready, should Paul Revere again need rouse the base.

Could it be, it was for this the Second Amendment was intended, and not for assault weapons killing innocent descendants of Independence?

As we bid Aloha to Senator Daniel K. Inouye, 2012 and perhaps imploding tea stained GOP, why not visit aloha on enemies to compromise with fewer guns plea.

A Christmas gift to be re-gifted every day:  “four million” of us get to keep our hunting rifles for fun and as well, for home protection “spin” spun our handy hand gun.  However in return, the remaining 311 million are gifted freedom from slaughter by fearful, greedy and selfish enabling the ill with high-capacity magazines, to kill.

For a Happy New Year I wish all, this Christmas Blessing for many a good day and night:  Know what we proclaim right, from global government actions to furniture on which we plop as remote held sage, mirrors our true selves and defines America on the world stage.

“Are you in?!?”  Then it’s uniting bridges we must begin, for there must be room for all in the inn.

A New World Order: Gun-less violence. Mental Healthcare for all and Death by Natural Causes

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Trumpet, harp, bagpipe melodies intertwined with parental tears and bloody childhood screams haunt memories of what might have been, if only.

Without united commitment to the courage, though come lately, to pledge allegiance to follow the example of principal, teachers, children, first responders and parents on Friday December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut…

…“What is Past is Prologue.”

I’m no fan of NRA, gun lobbyists, or even wheel chaired hunters shooting excess deer in Virginia.  Nor am I overly fond of those who “favor more strict gun laws,” but only speak of it right after the innocent lie dead in their workplace, parking lot, neighborhood theater or school classrooms.

Like most nations, America was born out of and into violence, and like most things, we excel at it.  Nonetheless, we are not alone in the practice of choosing acts of violence against the innocent, or in mourning too often, too late.  Many nations and people experience loss by violent death.

Notably, with possible exception of preemptive strikes on free of 9/11 involvement Iraq, our government rarely moves forward without a pushy governed.  Yet in tragedy, as triumph, humanity embraces us as we are engulfed in the common tears of horrible devastation.  None are immune.  Even the planet we share is diminished by our devouring excesses, greed and ignorance that fail prioritizing life, health and peace.

The madness of abandonment to weapons as solutions kills every day.  Though, much street crime, wars on drugs, battlefields and domestic violence can only be anticipated, but not prevented, Left and Right of “We the People” must lead Government to sensible center and rational regulation of which guns are made easily available on American streets.

Then, following example of Dawn Hochsprung, formalize training and drilling until we know we’ve done all we can do to prevent the violent death of children before their parents, without arming school guards.

Let not a click of a mouse signed petition be your “done,” leaving the self-sacrificing action in time of peril to the defenseless, and their protection to the enthusiastic gun totting influencers and smallness of lawmakers.

Let us pledge with actions that limit what gun dealerships can sell to whom: hunting rifles to those who must kill animals for fun, hand guns locked safely in homes for those who feel need for castle protection, but neither Michigan’s publically concealed weapons in schools nor Ohio cars parked at the ready, packing.

Let us listen with more than our ears, until we can perceive and act on the danger of a Nancy Lanza raising an emotionally disturbed and mentally unhealthy child with weapons more suited to Fort Hood than Newtown.  Then as community, assist both mother and child to find healthier alternatives, to gunning down.

Now, let us stand the firing squads before community mirrors, with their adrenaline pumping as ejected bullets pump into flesh for the kill. Make them target their Dorian Gray reflection, accompanied by family value dirge underscoring their gun lobby for fun hobby souls.

With thirty-six gun dealerships within a ten mile radius of Sandy Hook; with eighty-five Americans dying every day from gun violence at three an hour; with a gun considered perfect Christmas gift on Black Friday 2012; we can no longer claim unashamed, that this is the responsibility of any President of NRA or America, alone.

Talk is cheap, after the slaughter.  Whether we go to church or bars seeking answers to “why,” we miss the point – the solution is in our mirrors:  “the failure’s not in God, it’s in me.”

In 2013, every township, Statehouse, and community outreach must choose who America immolates:  Cain or Abel.

NRA must man up with more than “No Comment.”

Mental health deserves more than a pill.

Victims of gun violence need more than a robotic “our thoughts and prayers” when hugs are no more.