How Lincoln & Obama saved me from fiscal media frenzy

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A month after Tuesday November 6, 2012, I’m recapturing the ability to direct my brain from “troubled” members of Congress and fiscal invested myopic media talking heads, into beautiful reflections on my experiences with Lincoln, Obama, Sally, Tommy Lee and “The Gov,” to give thanks for ALL the miracles of 2012!

Thankful when President Obama first tried to align himself with the legacy of Lincoln in his first term.  It seemed a logical connection.  Upcoming Emancipation celebration and first slave look-a-like President, but alas he had to settle for Reagan before some could relate to Hawaiian bronze in House White.

I’m still immensely grateful for those who aligned the planets for my audition for Lincoln, especially as Casting Directors told me my “reel” was passed along from NYC to L. A. and viewed by Steven Spielberg himself, saying, “I want to work with him.”

I’m grateful to know enough PhD economists to recognize the media hyping our unknown immediate future, like the melodrama of a not so silent horror film, is overacting, as reality is, it’s a Fiscal slope, whose angle of descent and rise again, is only as dramatic as “We the People” allow politics to pave it.

I’m thankful for recurring tears that flow, recalling my telephone conversation with our re-elected President, after eight Tuesday night November 13.  Though there were thousands on the conference call, he spoke to me.

And while a somewhat embarrassing moment at cast party with Sally Field, I will always be thankful for her kind chastisement of me, when I, in shock over my wife whipping out a camera, as quickly as a NRA disciple unholsters his Second amendment, asked Sally if if she could take a picture of Sally and me.

Spinning to Sally, my preemptive mortified apology was blocked, as the ‘ first lady’ admonished, “Oh be quiet, can’t you see, she’s just proud of you.”  And with that, “Mary Todd Lincoln” pulled me to her side, arm around my waist, and the shot was taken point blank.

Tearfully gratefully still for collective journey through months of recession, Red tea stained blogs, dark recesses of oversimplification, shaming good name of etch-a-sketch, in an attempt to bury voting rights of all Americans whatever their neighborhood, heritage or choice of sleeping partner.

I’m thankful when all suppression of full citizenship is lost under green mountains of ill advised Koch heads’ multi-millions, for then America survives.

I thank all who bless themselves with easy history lessons, by seeing Spielberg’s Lincoln, for it is at once a beautiful film, impeccably made with an overwhelming gathering of eagles of talent.

However, I am sorry you will not see some of the artistic journey to the final reveal, of how great a good man must play chess to politic us to a government of, by and for all the people.  I never met Daniel Day Lewis, as like Obama, Lincoln rarely visited Congress, each in his time, and because of it, “Clothed In Immense Power.”

However I can, with respectful bow, speak in hushed tones of the giants who walked among us at the Richmond Virginia State House, as setting for Lincoln’s War Congress.

I could share the beauty of multiple memories, having been there, but will dare only one — a moment as moving in its way as hearing President Obama’s sincere gratitude 11/13/12 on the phone.

It was a smoke filled Congress, hot and packed with at least a hundred costumed men bickering on every particular – so many points of view to reach one single compromised action – to amend the lives of a people.

Need for desperate James Spader run for freedom; Day of in session witness; Marriage of minds, motivation and awesome talent:  ensemble Tommy Lee Jones and Steven Spielberg.

I will always be thankful to have heard Tommy Lee’s guttural Emancipation climax, thinking it a perfect dissonant but melodic proclamation.  Then silently awaiting expected “cut,” until the unseen whisperer solidifying the mold of the moment asked, “now Tommy this time do it as if…”

All heads turning in unison from unseen balcony source of direction, to face the face of “Thaddeus Stevens.”   Tommy Lee took a moment, and without warning seamlessly adjusted his inner dial ever so slightly and returned the same climatic line effortlessly in perfect accommodation.

There were at least six more of these sharing exchanges between artistic geniuses:  Each time Tommy Lee massaging in the nuanced layer “The Gov” was requesting, with only a moment to internalize, each leaving “Congress” breathless and silent.

When it was done, a quiet, “thank you Tommy,” from the balcony preceded the long forgotten, “cut.” And “Congress” erupted, finally in historical harmony.

It is the chess players-in-chief who make America’s next move through compromise, and all must play a part for America to win.


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