Month: January 2013

Organizing for Action

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The greatest challenge for any patriot of any age, be they Educator or student, babysitter or caregiver for elderly, President or former felon, is the courage to insist on rational answers over war and logical solutions instead of gun play.

Right flanked by Gun Appreciation Day, and traditional pomp of Presidential Inauguration Left Bookend, our centered United States Constitution was honored on Sunday January 20, 2013, by the swearing in of our 44th President — a similar chess player to his predecessors, numbers 16, 32 and 35.

His first time at bat, being the community oriented consensus builder he is, he opted to say “I got this” to those who elected him.  Then almost disappearing down Mitch & Cantor dead end Alley, believing Congressional GOP leadership would, like any true patriotic Americans, put country first and help a new young president reverse our downward plunge.  Despite this misplaced trust, he asked Washington to think “change,” differently, revitalize “Out of Many, One,” and somehow Healthcare Reform became law.

The second time around, older and wiser number 44 is asking us to ‘Organize for Action,’ which I suggest we interpret in part as, leave the cheerleading sidelines and get into the game:  Lead government into insisting that individuals who run our domestic conglomerate of greed for perpetual war, transform their 19th century ‘Robber Baron’ Mission statements into a more balanced reflection of America’s 21st century demographic.

It’s no longer sensible to be a nation of good/bad gunman, Red /Blue, Rural/Urban, South/North, Arizona/Immigrant, Male/Female or White/Black/Brown.  If there must be a dividing line, let it define us, and distinguish “We the People” from bought and paid for Congressional leadership, politicized  Supremes and the individual bankers (Not Just Banks) whose check writing erodes Congress.

It’s not hunters nor other responsible gun owners denying a child’s safety or the danger of making military style weapons available to mentally ill civilians without background checks; it’s the slippery slope myth of NRA leadership.

It’s not that Republicans, even Tea Party Republicans are bad people; It’s that most of the people they elect to Congress to lead the GOP are bad Americans.

It’s not that Obama is the second coming, any more than George Washington never lied; It’s that Bush/Cheney lies deeply wound tens of thousands still, on and off the battlefield.

It’s not just equal pay, vaginal probes or finally passing the Equal Rights Amendment; It’s our constantly subverting our focus and priorities, to what’s on K Street TV.

It’s not just religious zealots imposing their beliefs on the free will of others; It’s Governors, State Attorneys General and Legislators in places like Mississippi, Arkansas, both Dakotas, Virginia and Kentucky who refuse restoration of full citizenship to those who’ve served their time, while attempting ‘end run’ around Roe v. Wade, striking out low income famiiles who most need Planned Parenthood.

It’s not financial district granite of Wall Street institutions; It’s the individual Board Members, CEOs and CFOs of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CITI, JPMorgan Chase and PNC who should be fined and tried for transforming “America the Beautiful” into ‘The Home of the Foreclosed!’

It’s not just Romney’s 47%; it’s conspiratorial plotting against an elected US President, by Newt, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn, California’s Kevin McCarthy, Arizona’s Jon Kyl, Paul Ryan, Heritage millionaire Jim DeMint, infamous Anti-PDA Cantor and Bill Maher’s Machiavellian guest Frank Luntz, which Mitch McConnell Kristollized into GOP “one term” mission statement.

Whether pro or con-job, it’s not President Obama, it’s moneyed people manipulating “We the People” against our best interest: common sense solutions for gun violence, Climate Change, Immigration — and Equality of Education, Opportunity with Justice for all.

It’s not because it’s The Reasonable Voice Mission; it’s because we’ve heard it all before, but didn’t listen.

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”  –   #35, 1963

Congratulations #44 — it’s your move!

Once Upon a Time in The NRAmerica

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Though separation of ribcage and shoulder blade rendered my body tardy to New Year opinion party, my mind was always here and not just for the dessert.  Following potluck is neither  depressing 2012 review, nor spoon full of sugar to help the 112th Congress go down.

While I love an appetizer of language word games, this is no SE Cupp of tasteless murder most foul syntax, nor a sip of EPA approved Texas oil water.

Before the main course of once upon a time, let’s Rush to dump the leftovers:  House peacocks, NRA jerks, losing tea stained whiners, countering Penn State & BofA prick$ and gunrunning spin.

Happy New Year change comes not with Trillion dollar coins, but with leaning on Washington to change the way it’s been done since “Once Upon a Time.”

Appetizer:  Lies, bullies and sex offenders kill just like bullets, judicial revolving doors from public schools to private prisons, mental illness and blind faith in ignorance and torture.

Some heroes use drugs, some Quantico hidden, some government induced suicide and some endure cowardly attacks for blood clots and concussion.

Soup:  Once Upon a Time Coke-a-Cola double talk, NRA spin and assassinating bullets whiplashed us into seeing crooked, but that was before Friday December 14, 2012.  Now a Newtown gives birth to a new nation.

Once upon a time, we knew the truth only sets us free when questioning authority plots and made up stories about us by gun toting history altering oily Corporatism and gilded guilty government.  “Once Upon a Time” slowly contorted “Exceptionalism” into lies told and sold in denial of our sequel to Roman Empire.

Salad:  Except for former Virginia felons, 2013 invites all to full citizenship table and, like Republican leadership, it is our choice to attend the dinner party replete with character definition opportunities, and seize the day to humanely respond to American loss in Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook, or confess “Once Upon a Time,” never was.

A Toast:  As we lift our glasses to media hype, reflect: before there were forty seconds in Tucson parking lot and Batman in Aurora theater, there were twenty-six still living in Connecticut, giving time for reason to conquer both weapon of mental illness and its easily available chosen instrument of mass destruction.

Main Course:  Violence existed before video games and boy movies as did violent deaths before the gods of guns fired a single shot heard round the world.  However, while inaugurating more celebration of gun appreciation, remember before recess and arts disappeared from schools, school shootings were as improbable then as they are ignored now.

Once upon a time we turned our backs on plagues of religious persecution and said no thank you to place mates of class distinction.  Nonetheless accepting multiple helpings of military conquest, we sailed the ocean blue to discover a land of milk and honeys without booze, guns or syphilis, until our pilgrimage of Pilgrims and Puritans ordained to save the savage breasts with poisonous insertions.

Dessert:  Once upon a time, men were men, proving it with streams  of Tyler, McKinley, Teddy and Taft’s fatty acids doing brown outs over Mexicans and “P” people (Philippines, Panama and Puerto Rico) before invasive Granada scheme.

Nuts:  Once upon a time, high-capacity magazines and Drones were for foreigners and the internet free and safe from Government interference and Corporate marketing manipulation.

Once upon a time, before record breaking year of veteran suicides, there was a Kristol clear “two month war,” and money wasn’t free speech, though Alex Jones licensed to abuse it.

Raisins:  Marketed to extremes of, ‘if it bleeds it leads’ mayhem , we slaughter family value of child safety, with Constitutional misinterpretations to prevent teacher like universal background checks, bans on military-style weapons for civilians and hunting without high-capacity ammunition clips.

Nightcap:  Salute to King in Proclamation, ‘The greatest tragedy in the aftermath of every act of violence, is not the strident clamor of bad people or stupid people, but the appalling silence of mediocre House people turning their backs on victims, and good people letting them get away with it, once upon a time, again.’