Month: February 2013

DRONES: in our Hearts and Minds Hovering Over Our Future

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Our children have more to fear from Drones, Climate Change and sexual predators than Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling fear mongering by people who can’t define nor pronounce Sequester.

Whenever I hear worry claims regarding financial future of our children, especially from those who believe lack of money is the greatest threat to the direction, indeed survival of our nation, I challenge beliefs that any nation can be saved by canonizing Reagan to Mount Rushmore, Rand Paul’s intelligence level, Romney rerun induced dry mouth in PC skin color Republican “Savior” and an off the track GOP Tea Party Express.

How many times can you say “jobs, jobs, jobs” yet applaud corporate claims of “uncertainty prevents hiring” while CEO bonuses reach to the very heavens of the God you profess loves all humanity.

The narrow of mind promoters of single issue logic preach status quo:  there’s no reason to require places like Walmart to pay a $9.00 minimum wage, because without helping middle class, it will hurt the poor.

Jobs are lost when employees stop buying what employers are selling, OR Banksters bonus rewarding Wall Street greed at the expense of the very people protecting them from paying a 21st century livable wage.  Even anti-Semite Henry Ford practiced the self-serving belief in paying employees enough money to be able to buy your product.

Our children’s challenges for the future are real, but they are now.  So instead of eye-balling camera water breaks regurgitating obstructionist talking points, let’s find the bridge building courage needed to stand united and walk tall, now.

First:  lose the “it won’t work, so why try” byline, and start immolating your very best teacher, the one who inspired you to be what you never tried to be.  If you can’t think of one, revisit the lessons of Sandy Hook, because if you think they were to ignore responsible gun owners and embody NRA leadership rants, then you need visit Nancy Lanza, but take your gun in case chanting LaPierre’s mantra fails to wake her.

Violence/Hate/Evil begets Violence/Hate/Evil or so said the one who many use as excuse to hate thy neighbor, when one of his disciples tried to prevent his arrest with the weapon of choice of his day.

If you really are concerned about our children’s financial future, you’re missing the bigger picture by more than our recent 17,000 mile high fly by Asteroid, and you are failing as a card carrying Home of the Brave American, you think waving the flag, overreaching the Second Amendment and preaching selfishness makes you.

What most threatens our children’s future is not money or the lack thereof, it’s the food, over medication, confusion and denial of global climate changes, transforming wisdom of those who live by the sword die by the sword into delusion that pistol packing mommas guarantee home security.

Second:  I am a proud Military Veteran who grew up in a family who owned and used guns.  In the army, I was awarded some superior expert medal of some sort because of my shooting abilities.

Third:  I’m proud that during recent protests in Wisconsin and the pepper spraying Oakland policeman, it was Veterans like Scott Olsen and Kayvan Sabeghi who took the hits for American civilians exercising their First Amendment Rights against Americans who believe a badge embellishes their Tenth Amendment Rights.  All our Constitutional Rights are responsibilities and no one’s individual freedom is more sacred than another’s.

Fourth:  when thinking our children’s future security and well-being, consider what happens at wars’ end when veterans return home, where corporatism has maintained high unemployment.  What options will war changed veterans have, security work, police force, being shot on gun range, operating Drones over America?

Our children’s current reality is:  money is not edible, with greater frequency and strength the weather is turning against us and there are Drones over our heads – now.

Fifth:  example of real courage:  while enduring loss, showing up every day to get the job done.

Drones and Invisible Wars

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Those who think carnage is new to war, or “collateral damage” to how our government wages war, don’t know much about U. S. proclivity for air strikes on towns and cities. So here’s an abridged top hits list:  The United States Army Air Force, Dresden, Germany firestorm, Truman’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, LBJ’s Bay of Tonkin to My Lai Massacre, and more recently GW’s oil exploration bombing of Baghdad & Fallujah – all cities with civilian populations not legitimate military targets; all marketed to inhabitants of American cities with the same refrain, “National Security,” “Protecting American Lives,” “Saving Democracy.”  So, if you buy it, you own it.

Self-evident truths:  war has advanced more technologically than education, gun control or prison and immigration reform; Social Media denies Americans the WWII excuse, “we didn’t know;” and Obama’s Drones like Bush’s Torture do more for Al Qaeda enlistments than American peace of mind.

Still let’s not be as myopic as a media droning on about Drones, but targeting the details with Drone-like precision, is paramount responsibility for the governed, more patriotic than 2001 “USA Patriot Act” and more supremely American than 2012 “Citizens United.”

In a land of the free where an Equal Rights Amendment can’t get enough public attention, to get enough states signed on, to get the 113th Congress, to get Constitution amended, to get women full citizenship, we need to get our home of the brave in order with Drone-like focus on a military that looks the other way when its female enlisted are raped, bullied and intimidated out of service for their country.

In a land where Second Amendment overreach allows a man to stroll into a Virginia Kroger’s crowded with shoppers, bearing a fully loaded assault weapon, the safety of our school children and our right to live free from fear is trumped.

Can’t you hear Eisenhower whispering in your ear to droning drum beat, beware, it’s corporate profits from clandestine combo with military technologies that threatens America’s freedoms.

Too many get glazed and dazed, reacting only to where the media laser beam dot points.  Like the simmering pot frog, we’re boiled over by technology which swings both ways because both elected and electorate of, by and for the corporate bottom line, have neither kept pace with needed legislation nor the realities of a changed world bleeding from changed warfare — the longer we allow gun violence on foreign battlefields or inner city streets, the more we become what we seek to destroy.

Drones come in almost as many different shapes, sizes and colors as people, and like atomic nuclear power, are marketed by inventors for peak sales to those using tax dollars to purchase and remotely target them.

Presidential power, in the correct hands and mindset, can be a godly tool for justice for all, but when Wall Street profit is priority, true patriots must look through Franklin bifocals to refocus “We the People,” because, like Drones, not all Presidents are created equal.

Personally knowing at least one armed bodyguard, one former Capital Policeman and one government assassin, I insist, war is hell on earth, and with Sandy Hook, it’s now personal.

So instead of being herded down another blind alley by corporate owned media flailing away over the latest body overweight, rather than body count, to hype the distraction d’ jour, forget about ‘to lip-sync or not to lip-sync’ in winter.

Ponder instead this cold reality:  our Drone targeted Taliban and Al Qaeda hate education equality so much, they shot Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai, and an American First Lady had to attend the funeral of American teen,Hadiya Pendleton, killed in street gang crossfire, just days after she performed for a Presidential Inaugural –both, in the 21st century.

If you don’t like the world we live in, haunt the halls of Congress, for until we’re defined by more than our weapons, this is the State of Our Union.