Lessons from my Days on The Hill-pt1

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Most of us living within the connecting internet of Alberta Canada, Hollywood, the Gulf Coast of Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington DC, and NYC have already recognized the latest Congressional rerun, but have yet to sequester update devices:  the “lack” in our life solutions is the lack of Grassroots compromise, Congressional commonsense and Middle Class questioning (& educating) authority – in person.  So here’s an intro of three lessons learned from…

‘My Days on The Hill’

  • Most work is done by extremely capable 20—30s something staff, whether “Members” are there or not
  • Want to get to a Congress crying wolf repeatedly, put on your walking shoes, carpool with friends to DC metro, take the Blue Line and show up where life can be made a dream come true or episodic reruns of corporate sponsored nightmares
  • There are actually three building blocks to the House of Representatives: Cannon (0), Longworth (1), Rayburn (2); remembering their identifying numbers is key to finding rooms where the grunt work of lawmaking simmers to a boil: the number coded rooms housing hideouts, hangers-on, and the many who’ve never held a legislative job before feigning “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”
  • Each third of “The House” is located on the south side of the Capitol along Independence Avenue and connected by an underground tunnel known only to those who go beyond mouse click petitions, to actually invade the mostly old white guys club that rarely accepts your internet inspired calls
  • But take heart, my Uncle Gino always said, you never need a Senator, as long as they know you in the House.  Given the current House arrest, kicking and screaming through sequester, forced by decency to finally recognize Lesbians and Native American women need protection of Violence Against Women Act, just like straight palefaces — maybe there was more to Uncle Gino’s assurance than I understood at fourteen
  • BTW every member of Congress I’ve met has said, numerous emailed petitions with the same paragraph mean nothing to them, but one person in their office is the same as One Thousand Votes
  • This is the first and greatest lesson from “The Hill”
  • One thing a politician craves more than the next corporate luncheon, is re-election. For that prize, our votes are the voltage of “the Member’s” power source.  However, The House can’t be lit up from the home, nor from your latest device.  We can’t count on Congress counting us, unless they get to tally us in person
  • Yes, you can just walk Right or Left in, through the metal detectors of course.  Despite some really anti-One for All and All for One sentiments from Tim Griffin (R-AK), professing he represents only those Americans “in my District who vote for me,” or Boehner pushing anti-gay DOMA, or Cantor’s recant of his anti-women sneer at the Violence Against Women Act, with a veil of pro poor people as his sheep’s clothing for sequester wolf howl — all Americans can walk into their seat of government and talk to the people they hired to run the place.  Well, don’t know about the Supreme Court  –  and definitely not so much the White House — but that’s an “Oh, Sir” story for another day

End of Lesson One – Recess Now – but reconvene after short vacation — there really is work to be done


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