How America is Possible

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“The greater part of progress is the desire to progress.”  – Seneca

Peace, prosperity, progress, like one Pope Palm Sunday pastoring, possible only when peace loving people push parasitic pundits, pompous Philistines, and even popular politicians, productively forward…

Pardoning all persons from painstakingly produced panic by parsimonious pontificating of prodigious pondering pinheads…

Political parties pandering to extreme pouter’s platitudes, inciting profit purposed pissed off pistol packing philosophically poor…

Still perplexed Right pushes back, poisoning precious center piece, praying DOMA prayers…

Paving over path of permanent perfectly imperfect, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

‘What’s in a name?  Would not Obamacare stink just as sweet when thus “Double, Double Toil and Trouble” plotted by piggish Corporate Insurance Industry witchcraft, and permeated thrice as long with party of tea refusing proclamation of both ‘Justice and Medicare for all before bedpan pee?’

Look, when only one to five percent of a nation’s population prospers, that nation cannot progress, for its practical pedaling produces processed poverty.

Sharing the best in you is what propels paramount persevering populace to pinnacles.  Pushing forward together or pushing back against each other is precise mirror of Founding Fathers predicament.

Idea:  wealthy people sharing discretionary means with those who have too much month at the end of the money.  I mean, one or two fewer toys during your ‘four score and seven years’ can empower huge contributions from voices perpetually proffered as non profitable.

It doesn’t have to be a Bill and Melinda Gates, newspaper buying Warren Buffet or the pro-gay marriage Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, give-a-way, but the greatest of these is giving H.O.P.E.

First, progression forward on prosperity path to peace passing all understanding is, ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident that all of us are created equal,’ yet since 2000 “We the People” have been contented with stumbling along as a house divided against itself.

Second, in 2013, we have in our closed to visitors White House, a visionary Internationalist, leading an un-United States of America kicking and screaming, whether in agony or ecstasy, out of a demoralizing first decade of 9/11 excused, but not paid for wars, yet tresonously compensated for with American lives sacrificed for lies.  In parallelism, oil rigged meetings of Wall Street plague score aplenty at expense of war spoiled families

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” – Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Solution:  Education!  At the center of all darkness, fear, misconceptions and friction is lack of knowing and understanding.

We come from history, into currency (in every sense of that word), not praising ‘too big to fail,’ but pressing forward prosecution puncturing ‘too big to jail,’ to the promised land of American perfection.

Without informative education, we’re easily distracted by patriotic clichés, talking sound bite heads, and alphabet soup: “a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest.” — JFK

EPA  =  Environmental Protection Agency, since 2000 miserably failing its original Mission, EPA is currently mired in seriouscorruption suspicions

NRA  =  The more things change the more they NRA the same: Robocalling Newtown families while 13 month old shot in Georgia

OWS  =  If you’re not in the top 1% income bracket, you are one of us, even when corporate owned media refuses to broadcast it, OWS is everywhere

ERA  =  Equal Rights Amendment needs ratification from three more states to become the law of the land.  See you in Richmond, Va  Saturday April 27, 2013  at 2pm

UVa  =  Summer 2012, the Board of Visitors, led by Rector Helen Dragas forced to reverse a coup to oust the first female President of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan.  The unasked questions:  why?  Where would following the money lead?

FDR  =  Four time President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose 1945 death gave birth to Corporatism prevarication plan to pump public fears by plastering prejudices on vulnerably prone, preached “Right” packages; post prison plugs packed in grain walk downs,  plunged into pliable purchasers purchasing anti-climate change paranoia; like property posed to parade pretense, praising Corporatism par-amnesia poison.

Like your mind, Free Will is a terrible thing to waste!


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