Want to Reclaim Solid Rock Congress from Mitch & Cantor sinkhole?

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Jobs up, unemployment down:

Imagine what a President could do if Congressional Corporatism wasn’t tunneling sinkholes beneath American recovery.

Even in the wake of Ashley Judd, “Make Obama a One Term President,” Senate Minority Leader has a problem:  ”What About Us,” working class guy, Ed Marksberry.

Judging Mitch by the company he keeps in ‘good ol’ boy’ rebranding locker room, gun hands Glenn Beck, Teds Nugent & Cruz, Sarah Palin, Ricks Perry & Santorum, Eric Cantor and Wayne LaPierre, Congress needs a recall overhaul.

Is it wrong to long for that old time American unity through discourse, debate and compromise when ‘The Right’ platform post Mitch decree is, ‘give no victories to Obama, for a fee.’

Is it wrong for guns to have more constitutional rights than women, in a country founded by powerful property owners of people, like ‘The Right’ Supremists who created “Citizens United” in their own image?

How can it be wrong to favor ‘The Right’ men of NRA corporate profit profiting, while nine out of ten Americans agree that somebody purchasing a firearm needs a background fling.  Surely only the wrong people could question “The Right” thing.

If it’s wrong to thank Arizona Senator McCain for casting a vote for public safety, then New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotteit was in “The Right” to vote for NRA leadership, instead of the majority of its membership.

Votes for political candidates, like gifts for children, remind us, ‘what is past is prologue,’ when ‘The Right’ Attorney General deserts sinking Governor’s vaginal probe ship exposed afloat, wedded to the James in rudderless bid for Potomac shore vote.

Even before America was America, and perhaps even to become American, we were a people who depended on horses, guns, slaves, even women, not only to create ‘America the Beautiful,’ but an America of conquerors and takers, ‘rougher, simpler, more violent, less refined,’ somewhat quick tempered, but ultimately enterprising and giving – Empire Builders sailing ‘The Great White Fleet” around the globe — but not “Imperialistic,” or so we are told.

“We the People” produced both Sally Hemings and George Washington; Paul Revere and Molly Hays McCauley  (aka Molly Pitcher).  After Molly’s husband was killed manning his Revolutionary post, the queen of hydration, replaced him as commander of his cannon group for three hours, when, General George Washington designated her, a Sergeant in the Continental Army.  Yes, women mattered, even then.

Still some Presidential libraries continue ‘The Right’ history of the select few, a piecemeal that devalues Americans of all ages, colors and both sexes, with degrading “incomplete,” justly due.

Every voter has the opportunity to recapture the gifts of those neglected in history books, by voting for a government completed only by the best of all reflects, rather than rewarding those who are in the pink with “My First Rifle,” profits.  Fortunately, before having contact with our children, most are required to have background checks.

Decreasing numbers of Americans are ‘Right’ proud that between December 14, 2012 and Wednesday April 17, 2013, the NRA membership lost to the NRA leadership over Congress – that’s 70,000 in Houston defeating four million nationwide.  Now, that’s “Right!”

Founding Fathers intended insulation against mob rule by the “great unwashed hordes,” but little protection against politicians awash with dirty oil corporatism.  When 85—90% of Americans agree, isn’t it American patriotism, by decree?  And with female half of America NOT Constitutionally Equal, men like Mitch McConnell deserve no sequel.

So by Amendment we have to take it, as new Constitution wrinkle.

*  Before Thur 5/9:  serve Robert Hurt

*  Vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Fire Dick Harpootlian, Reject Mark Sanford

*  ELECT  ED  MARKSBERRY:  U. S. Senator to reclaim Congressional solid ground from Mitch & Cantor sinkhole bound.


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