Action Time

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We know we cannot live on bread alone, but surely we can do better than what comes from the mouth of Wayne LaPierre, McCarthy rerun Ted Cruz, saved by the Judd Mitch, figure head Boehner or MIAs Cantor and Rubio.  Time out:  no holy city can stand on foundation pillars of Citizens’ United Supremes, stashed white supremists munitions or bought and paid for politicians

Time to put gangs of extremists on notice, regardless of color, political persuasion or Wall Street castles in the sky:  do not put the patience of parents and patriots to the corporate induced recession and gun violence test any longer, for the splendor of all the kingdoms of the world will not hide you come Election Day.

Time to applaud and encourage what is good, recognize what is bad and eradicate or Recall the who and what of ugly.

National equal voting rights and background checks for all gun purchases is good and just; The NRA leadership and those who punish whistle blowers protecting us from the poison food corporations feed us, are bad.

A President seeking balance in justice for all is good; a GOP tap dancing to the corporate tune of “The Rich Get Rich and the Poor get Poorer,” is bad.

Believing Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher saved the world from communism is misinformed, but canonizing them as saints is self-servingly bad.

Time for rebirth of freedom, giving, and harvest sharing, before time to die.  Time for a triumphant triage of corporations, government and voting consumers working together free of rose-colored glasses and eyes wide shut to necessary fixes.

Time for living longer selfishness:  all need work to improve peaceful retirement chances with ‘Medicare for All,’ salvaged Social Security & Medicaid. Time for cures: HIV AIDS, Muscular Sclerosis, Cancer and greatest time thief:  Alzheimer’s.

As humankind, we are charged with global responsibilities, yet allow ourselves and our planet to corrode, the former from overconsumption, the latter, overindulgence.

Time to stop claiming we’re the best and greatest ever in all things forever, or that we’re even alright, because we’re not, and I’m not talking about the economy or even the new post Reagan GOP that abuses Filibuster to avoid fulfilling its primary duty:  voting for what’s best for all Americans and when possible, for what’s needed for their constituents — without climbing “the Hill” only to succumb to the allure of their corporate puppeteers whispering promises of power and grandeur.

For the mountain top has seen greater than these “House” fettered on ‘The Hill,’ feasting on backs of those forced to fast.  Time to recapture our essence of discovery.  Are we sugar and spice and everything nice, or frogs leaping over the immorality of tortured farm animals, corporate slithering snakes coiled around taxpayer bailouts and puppy dog tails, wagging the dog of war profiteering.

Time we peek at what our corporate corrupt Congress and Supreme Court is willing to nose dive us in, on their crusade to Capitol peak.  Time is always giving, but how we make memories with it, is either wisdom or folly.

Time was, I’d sit so close to the family black and white TV set and dream Annette Funicello.  We met most week days between homework and dinner.  At twelve, she was my first older woman and transforming even Disney speak into smiling melodic beauty; my favorite mouseketeer, even when forced to share her with Spin and Marty.  Time was even horses couldn’t edge Annette out of my favorite memories.

Time, years later, an actress hired me to prepare her for her first Broadway audition.  She was a triple hitter with a sad look in her eye.  We worked hard for weeks and she was cast.  Time over grateful and congratulatory coffee, she confessed our hard pursuit of the role was her race against M. S.

Time gives us all we have, so never miss the opportunity to say, I really loved those afternoon dates we had, in a time gone by, just a moment ago.


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