A Week for the Weak

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Two truths I’ve shared before:

ONE:  every member of Congress I’ve met has said, ‘online, with same pre-written computer generated, mouse clicked petitions, carry little weight with them, and are generally discarded as easily as they are created, with the click of a mouse.  However, ‘one person face-to-face in their office, even if only before a Legislative Assistant to them equated to one thousand votes.’

TWO:  more than pleasing NRA leadership, or voting with congressional leadership, as instructed by party loyalty packs or dictates from Wall Street dictators — certainly a Mt Everest above any consideration of what their constituents think best; heads in the money clouds, completely out of sight of the possibility of doing what’s right for the country, or preserving, protecting and defending the equality and justice of all Americans, the number one agenda of any member of Congress, regardless of Party is:  to get re-elected.

On an old road to a new Calvary, bearing the cross of their children’s death, to save other mothers and fathers from the sin of another single child dying by the gun.  Face-to-face, their faces were the mirror in which our Congress, our media and ourselves could see our Dorian Gray reflection of how far we’ve corrupted Constitutional interpretation for blood and guts profit, distorting our exceptional legacy of patriotism written in stone for us, by the grace of God, by our imperfect Founding Fathers.

Free Will, despite gerrymandering voting districts and attempts to limit voting rights to a preferred select few, still frees us to define our “Land of the Free” as the freedom to mow down our fellow citizens in neighborhood streets, movie theatres, parking lots and all levels of educational institutions, with military style super-sized multi-magazine assault weapons, or find the courage to embrace humanity with the love we profess for God and country by becoming the embodiment of decency, rather than descend into the depths of self-denial that God’s response to Cain, proved murder is not a freedom guaranteed by either Second Amendment or God’s gift of “Free Will.”

Every parent, teacher or friend of someone whose life was cut short by gun or any form of violence has earned the right to be angry, sad, left alone and carpool to Congress and speak truth to power about the powerlessness of immorality, lies and greed for profit by violence.

We are not born courageous, brave or without fear.  It is life that sometimes thrusts crushing opportunities to rise or fall before challenges to be so.  There is no fearlessness, only “feeling the fear and doing it anyway,” like “Mayors against illegal guns” and Connecticut’s “massacre control.”

While a “Mission Accomplished” banner profanes our national acclaim as “The Home of the Brave,” we are not strangers to overcoming adversity, and when we realize our current ‘national emergency’ is subdivided into three connected sources:  education, economy and morality, the solution to which will reveal itself in our mirrors:  one step at a time by two or three gathered not because they are brave by choice, but rather out of necessity, courageous.

As in most emergencies, let us deliver, “Women and children first.”  There are gun reform events planned in at least thirteen states.  The last time thirteen pieces of our puzzle agreed on anything, America was born.  With a Senate vote on gun reform a week away, and members of Congress who rarely read a bill completely, (remember the Patriot Act), before voting on it, now previewing “The Dream is Now” documentary as prep for immigration vote, the times, ‘they are a changing.’

Sandy Hook parents are ‘the ‘wind beneath our wings’ propelling us over the power of greed produced violence, while butterflies still outnumber bullets.

President Obama’s radio address to citizens Francine and David Wheeler (Sandy Hook gun victim Ben)

“Women and children first,” is a worthy goal to emulate, like Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins mothering FDR’s Social Security, giving birth to the child, Medicare, grandchild Medicaid and great-grandchild; and the women rallying in Richmond Virginia on Saturday April 27th for the ratification of the ERA to give a Constitutional umbrella of equality for all Americans, regardless of sex, age or race.

When two or three of the weak are gathered, the strength and power of the universe helps make the first step of passionate persistent hard work for common sense justice and equality.

Like the peaceful repose of beautiful butterflies, the lives of Sandy Hook and America have been disrupted by an ill wind.  Next week the senate votes for a wind change, and it is a week for the weak to be like the parents of Sandy Hook.


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