Only Pro-Active POSITIVE Action Ends Cycle of Violence: Distrust-Hate-Torture-Revenge

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We began our week remembering one tragedy – then, another wound by intentional maiming and murder in Boston.  Too often trying to heal by turning away to move on, fails at fixing, only delivering us yet another hit by the violence of rage without reason.

Roll the dice:  whether out of hate, revenge or for profit and power; whether from foreign terrorists or those so convinced “government is the problem,” they destroy the very domestic tranquility they profess is subject to their personal interpretation — either toss of the coin, the outcome is the same, we are bled by loss — and then we rush to help each other rise again.

The one truth still:  the cycle of violence can only be abetted when 99% of both Right and Left “We the People,” unite in the Center, to help a too often lobbyist induced clueless Congress to amend our ways.

Let POSITIVE ACTION be our response to tragedy:  step up and step out of internet background to give Congress and State Houses a moral spine.  Carpool in overwhelming numbers to insist on background checks for all gun purchases and a reasonable effort to end all violence, including bi-partisan poison letters.

However, reacting against what’s negative, will never be as protective as positive action paying it forward:  recognizing, rewarding and elevating those who, every day in communities all over America, do so much to generate success, prosperity, happiness, peace, and yes, justice for all Americans.

I’ve just voted for just such a man, Toan Nguyen who just added C’Ville Central to his long list of creating employment opportunities for all who desire the opportunity to offer and share their talents, skills and abilities – for hire yes – but just as importantly, for making America a better place for all, one community and one job well done, at a time.

So while we surround Congress with a call for reasonable non-violence efforts, and justice and equality for all, recognize and reward those working for such goals every day, in every community and neighborhood, in a Nation living triumphant victories and hilarious comedies, alongside senseless tragedies, every day.

Please join me in adding your vote for the presentation of the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) Award to the Chief Executive Officer of CVille Central, Toan Nguyen.

Let us all do our part in every little local way to overcome the International ugly and National bad with the beauty of the Local good. as we pray in praise and thanksgiving, hoping we are learning from our mistakes:  Hope to see you in Richmond for  Equal Rights Amendment  rally:  2pm  Saturday  4/27/13





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