America, The Not So Great Divide

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I was wrong.  Despite the erosion of “The Fourth Branch of Government” into gossiping talking heads, the supreme sellout of our election process via “Citizens United” and the self-serving Congressional obstructionists, the great American divide is as phony as a Bachmann Ted Cruz.

Our great divide is superficial at best and at worst, made up by Media phonies (and not just Fox), Wall Street phonies and patriotic phonies, who benefit most from making Americans believe we are “a House Divided” or that “We the People” cannot stand unless fighting over shell games like, gun ownership and Keystone Russ Girling bait and switch.

Who profits most from inciting extremists to gain a whole world of programmed needy over consumers? Who contributes most to self-sacrificing humanitarian giants endangering their lives fighting for those devastated by tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and gun violence?

Who among us is “Cain” and who “the Good Samaritan?”

I’m no Biblical scholar, but my parents composed in me the poetry of humanity performing humanely, and this melody remains the refrain of my belief in all Americans, not just America!

Overture:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” Promise:  “Give me your tired, your poor,” Dream:  “Thank God Almighty, I am Free at Last,” and Finale:  “United We Stand,” but gun ownership is not a God given right, ‘for the Bible didn’t tell me so.’

Watching the manipulated fall of a free thinking society in the Fall of Bush v. Gore Florida, I thought our Supreme Court had thumbs downed us into Humpty Dumpty land, into the hands of those who would be kings with no intention of putting us back together again.

Despite the two steps leaning forward and one falling back of our economic recovery, since 2008 America has evolved from a 50/50 split, to a tenuous Center of 60% with out-stretched arms conducting “can we talk,” between the teeth gnashing dissonance of the far Right and Left 20%.

However, with the “47%” of 2012, we rediscovered the strength of ‘ensemble,’ voting in grateful chorus, for harmonious transposition from hope to solutions.

When we score the crescendo of melodies on which most of us agree, instead of dancing to the tune of those whose bottom line need is to divide and mute us, we will again be ‘the rockets’ red glare……’

  • Most Americans think Women should be equal to men, but may not know without ratification of ERA, they aren’t
  • Most Americans believe background checks are as important for gun purchases as they are for hiring teachers
  • Most Americans suspect that Walmart, like Wall Street Banks, intentionally impede the economy of both Conservative and Liberal Americans
  • Most Americans recognize the life threatening danger of obesity
  • Most Americans are concerned about students graduating deficient in reading, math and science
  • Most Americans realize austerity breeds sequester, because you’ve still ‘got to spend money to make money
  • Most Americans have friends or family suffering from lack of Alzheimer’s research or growing student loan debt
  • That’s why most Americas are asking, “What About Us?”

Instead of being played like the dummy on the knee of corporate ventriloquists, mouthing Middle Class decrescendo da capo, follow the money connections’ melodic line:

1)  It’s all a numbers game

2)  Numbers of both high school dropouts and private prisons are on the rise

3)  A UNITED America is best defense against divisive extremes.


On May 23, in peaceful, tiny Crozet, Virginia, ten year old Maggie Hollifield was accidentally shot to death, by an unnamed “juvenile male,” who she probably knew.  For her parents and friends, the music has diminished forever.

Can we all agree, if the gun hadn’t been there, Maggie’s melody would still be a family forte?


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