Balancing “Checks and Balances” through “Prism” of “Patriot Act”

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While overindulging in Guardian bait and switch from IRS to ‘I’m shocked, shocked to find that secret surveillance is going on in America post GW,’ the ratings famished messengers miss two major points:

1)      More than our balance sheets, we’ve lost our national balance

2)      Barack Obama will not be President forever

So “We the People” must ever attend to the balance between individual privacy and national security.

Without downloading balance updates between being bug-eyed enraptured with small screen devices converting thinkers into believers that being connected means being aware, we’ll continue to walk into mall fountains & street poles, off subway platforms and in the path of texting drivers.

Worse, habitual national device addiction, risks our stepping off numerous cliffs without noticing the slow undoing of high school graduations, banking accountability, corporate humanity, Constitutional protections and the power of conversation.

Without balance aforethought we wake up accessories after the fact: in aftermath of ‘perfect BP/Halliburton Cheney storm’ amidst every living thing in the Gulf drenched with oil, because of the imbalance of secret “National Energy Task Force” meetings, needing the balance of Senators Bernie Sanders & Mark Udall, to steady our ship of state on an even keel.

When Wall Street Financial & Communications Corporations play “Let’s Make A Deal” with government using our money without inviting us, that’s Bushwhacked – so we “follow the money.”  However, when the devious duo game our private lives, that’s balance all out of whack, and ‘Attention Must Be Paid.’

Strongly offended by government leaks or lying to Congress does not make President Obama a GW nor Attorney General Holder a Gonzales, any more than it does us when we alter our balance between the Ides of March and IRS ‘it’s more blessed to receive than to give’ Day.

Still, being more principled than the likes of Darrel Issa, Tom DeLay, Ted Cruz and Eric Cantor is not the highest bar to which we should hold government, Corporate America and ourselves.

However, like ‘The Scales of “FISA Court’ Justice,’ balance is neither perfection nor absolute, but rather a constant weighing in, weaving out, back & forth, twists and turns, as we weather this terrorism infected ‘red sea,’ trying to keep balance between The Bill of Rights, Drones, ‘a failure to communicate’ and our humanity:  Balance between exposing Valerie Plame and hiding PFC Bradley Manning; Balance between Boston Marathon bombers and revenge on innocent Muslims; Balance between waving the flag and personifying what it symbolizes.

The leadership of any President is defined by children ‘Left Behind,’ as was the character of those whose late night Watergate style invasion to abolish the first ten Amendments, forced their way in, to intimidate John Ashcroft.

In that hospital room America was defended by an ailing AG, his deputy James Comey, Robert Mueller FBI and their collective belief in the Constitution of the United States.  The invading pretend patriots and the traitors who sent them, retreated in disgrace.

True patriots, unlike ‘The Patriot Act,’ insist on ‘Checks and Balances’ between each branch of government; between American’s right to know and Media’s desire to scoop; between distortions of the Bible & Second Amendment and ‘the truth that sets us free.’

Ask yourself, where’s the balance in Banks Duel Tracking underwater homeowners; NSA & NRA or between Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden informing those who pay of, by and for the government people

It’s President Obama’s responsibility to ‘protect, preserve and defend,’ and if Congress would vote, allowing him to be half the ‘Employment-in-Chief’ FDR & JFK were, that would be freedom’s balance between the 1% helping him spy and the 1% used for preemptive war.


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