The Point: Shut Down the Federal Government!

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I have an audio copy of The United States Constitution to which I listen, in part, once a month, just to reconnect to its Point.  It is dense listening, often requiring repeating tracks just to make certain I get the Founding Fathers’Point.

Once I’m in my constitutional groove, the historic drive becomes intense, with in depth focus, nods to the Founders’ intellect, and a journey through years in tears.

The Constitution is deep and we need more than nine Supremes aware of its Point.  Listening to sections of Revolutionary fact for thirty minutes a month, you’ll be more enlightened than those who know little of the consequences of shutting down the government or even drowning it in a bathtub of sound-bites and political slogans to make a Point.

Like many in Congress, some of us still have difficulty seeing the big picture and long range value of “All for One and One for All,” or as Jack Lemon would put it, ‘sending the elevator back down for the next fella,’ or the next family, or homeless veteran, or next generation or these days, the next mental ill person, before violence becomes the Point.

Those who exercise freedom by shouting in “Town Hall Meetings” for the shutdown of the Federal Government or occupy parks with tents and sofas just to make a Point, are missing America’s Point.  The former from lack of Civics education and the latter, from an abundance of ‘castles in the sky…without putting the foundations under them.’

To ascertain the ground on which you stand:  publically explain the difference between “The Fed” and the Treasury, The Federal Government and Fannie & Freddie; or the difference between Communism and Socialism; or whistleblowing and treason; or actually fighting anti-American terrorists and pre-emptively striking a nation which had nothing to do with 9/11.

Where two or three gather — corporations, organizations, unions, governments, families, classrooms, relationships — there is potential for good, bad and ugly, because groups garner different POVs, agenda, goals and states-of-mind.

When unemployment, greed, power (a little or a lot), excessive competitive pressure, personal economic stress or loss of hope are introduced, especially by those in which we entrust our stability, logic, civility and reason are first vulnerable Point.

We can’t avoid every terrorist attack, foreign challenge or domestic pit fall, but all Americans should have the right to expect that no American will collaborate with goliath businesses for profit, at the cost of any American’s life, health or lifestyle.

While there are some very disappointing excuses for humanity at the head of some multi-national Wall Street centers of Capitalism, there are a lot of people at JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo etc. who, like most of us, work hard to keep their job so they can support themselves and family.

We don’t have to be Buffett, Gates or Jobs, to appreciate how an Amazon lover of language, who acquired the Washington bastion of putting exposure pressure on private and government power, started by selling books from his home.

Giving your daily accumulated pennies, nickels and dimes to someone less fortunate on the street, or in reform laws, connects us to our humanity.

By merging a neglected historical remnant into a 21st century City Center or forming Mental Health alliances forall ages, we too can be a Missouri Miracle at every Point.

Become aware of the sinkhole left behind for you when government disappears.  Try allowing change, Immigration & Healthcare reform and government be all, to all, by first becoming the human being we want others to be.


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