Dream of Celebrating Equality and Justice for All

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Should you choose to accept this Mission, we can rediscover, reconnect and recharge what links our mixed past to our promising future.

We’ve been here before so must know, our past will continue to return as our prologue, or worse, epilogue, until we change globally and reform locally.

2013 is a big year for anniversary celebrations, presenting excellent opportunities for renewing The American Dream.  This time, however, let’s selectively choose, what is past is prologue. Otherwise, we’re just like a tiny plastic flower that’s only able to wave happily when the sun shines.

Many names we’ve chiseled in monuments to the past for future adoration, weren’t building America the Beautiful for all.  Names like J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller were building personal empire, as much for the thrill of accomplishment as amassing tremendous wealth, so beware celebrating Ayn Rand disciples.

Without some rules and regulations, international games of the super-rich, can leave humanity in a Roaring Twenties economic imbalance, which much like today, indiscriminately deposited all — mid-west farmers, city merchants, frivolous club Flappers, even Wall Street philosophers – on the bridge to the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.  Arguably, October 29, 1929, was prequel to the avoidable 2007-2008 “Too Big to Fail” betrayal of “Checks and Balances.”

Thus it will always be: when anything, including markets, becomes top heavy without a foundation to sustain it, instability topples, and ‘all the king’s horses’ asses will still refuse the moral compass of Emancipation, New Deal, New Frontier and “I have a Dream.”

We began 2013 celebrating 150 years since Emancipation Proclamation, mostly overlooking the un-emancipated women who were spat upon as they marched for the right to vote in 1913 Washington, DC.

Most memorialize June 6, 1944 with May backyard barbeques, but who remembers D-Day for Susan B. Anthony, who just 72 years earlier, was arrested for voting for President?

We celebrate the 4th of July with rockets’ red glare, but with a deaf ear to omission by Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence of those without a penis, but with a pigmentation.

On Saturday August 24, 2013, many will march in honor of the Dream of more than the 250,000 people who, on August 28, 1963, crystalized a Civil Rights movement for a President and nation, with a King’s Dream.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream that one day all Americans “black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics” and women and gays will together, revitalize our moral core, and with civility and respect to all, stand our ground, for all.

Perhaps now with the rise again of past voting restrictions, prologue of “Stop and Frisk” and re-run of denying women the full equality of having the right to choose – one day, we might yet be made worthy of celebration, if we resurrect the dream acts of Congressman John Lewis, Pennsylvania’s Viviette Applewhite and North Carolina’s Rosa Nell Eaton.

Let us march on, in Madison Wisconsin, Austin Texas, Richmond Virginia, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Raleigh North Carolina, Tallahassee Florida and all states where Conservative Governors and Legislators play Nero while their struggling cities are left to die on the vine of Congressional Sequestration.

Let us reverse the revolt against our U. S. Constitution in Lansing Michigan, where Governor Rick Synder hasclothed with immense power his unelected emergency city manager to sell the cultural soul of Michigan cities, as on auction blocks of old — all while demoralizing public schools, legal abortion clinics and urban neighborhoods.

Now, let the Lesbians have their wedding cake, so we can all sit at the table, and eat it too!


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