Questioning Health of Obama’s Love Thy Neighbor Appeal

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Can we finally demystify this man called Obama who so arouses the raging horde against the good of justice for all?  Is he neither Messiah nor demon, but a man believing yes, we can, daring us to courageously face, as nation and individuals, the need to re-evaluate our economic inhumanity toward one another?

Why elect government to make everything affordable for all Americans?  First it’s healthcare and college tuition.  Then what? Requiring 1% of a corporate CEO’s Billions of dollars bonuses, be donated to pay off student loans?

Next, ignore Judiciary Committee Immigration reform murderers, and instead, welcome and educate Dreamersto contribute to our national I have a Dream?

What is it about this tanned, graying, Lincoln lean President that scares little minds and frightened people?

Could it be in post bushwhacked by Cheney oil wars America, we begin to see the premium taxpayers must still pay for being vulnerable to emotional manipulation after September 11, 2001?

Is it division and derision to prove my point’s bigger and shoots further than the NRA’s or America, Right andwrong, so sequester it or leave it gridlocked in the gutter of exceptional extremes?

When did it become American to break our promises to each other, replacing acceptable insurance deals with unacceptable healthcare cash deficits?  What’s wrong with insurance institutions debiting salaries, betting enough won’t get sick, so they’ll never have to cover our hanging out of hospital gown butts?

Is it Jefferson’s University of Virginia and UPS, fearless of class action suits wrecking-havoc on healthcare plans, while state and federal governments largely ignore decades old, ever increasing gouging by behemoth Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies?

Shall we gather at the river and consider: addiction invention to cigarettes, fast foods and credit cards simmer us frogs in the pot, for corporate dope peddling of prescriptions, insurance and college debt?

You didn’t miss their seamless transformative maneuver of, what’s in a name marketing, did you?  Like the subtle combo of religious and military might in BlueCross BlueShield, or the sense of oneness in United Health Care and Humana; or the aloof detached superiority of Aetna?

Don’t forget The Usual Suspects of Kaiser Permanente or the 17 year old Hilda Sarkisyan denied to death as CIGNA insignia.

Well, isn’t the 1% point a 21st century special with well-placed wellness plans protecting corporate beneficiaries of Congress, from We the People, with well-appointed medical plans like, WellPoint?

After the Supreme presidential politics of 2000 can we, without public surveillance, expect our Judiciary to always protect us and our Bill of Rights from the “Oops” NSA and anti-voter Right?

Should we ever believe people with bullhorns, surveillance cameras or pickup trucks, blaming inefficient government agencies and corporate compromised EPA for the loss of jobs?

Are our secret keepers over classifying record breaking volumes of informative documents, to protect corporate government marriage from transparency of the Freedom of Information Act?

Mightn’t we trust our secrets with a Manning and Snowden, since we’ve entrusted them to J Edgar, Nixon and Congress?

Do we know we need to know who Electronic Frontiers Foundation is fighting for, what Heritage Action is warring against and how to be good neighbors?

Do we need more journalists like Nellie Bly and healthcare like Henrietta Lacks or just a revitalized focus on the elimination of the love of money from politics, student loans, health insurance and of course, NSA surveillance accidents, before the Hawaiian bids Aloha?

Just how shall we overcome, without becoming one?

Without a new National Healthcare mindset, no matter who writes our retirement checks, they could return marked insufficient funds, and unlike Obamacare, bounce.


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