Syria dying, suffers its children unto us

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Like Lincoln, Obama faces a Tsunami of bi-partisan strange bedfellows, reminiscent of the drawn and quartered civil war congress embattled over Emancipation Proclamation, with the Old Europe Freedom Fries Right, pedestal preaching rerun of their dead wrong past, while Progressives attempt to save the world, by bleeding it.

Daring resuscitating limited compromise, Congress and those they fail to represent, crisscross long overlooked center line of debate, denying history, dodging reasonable questions:  What will save the state of children from the State of Assad?  How gassing 1,500 people is worse than bombing and shooting 100,000?  After two years of American creative avoidance, isn’t death, death?

World leaders became aware of lethal Mustard Gas in WWI, but it took murders of millions in the shower rooms of Nazi concentration camps for the public to fear and abhor gas more than bullets or IEDs.

Most avoid contemplating the many faces of death, replacing death with passing, but agreeing, a quick death is best for the deceased while worst for mourners, yet welcomed if initiated by Molotov Cocktail, or water boarding.

When buried alive or gassed, the throes of death is a slow excruciating journey.  Whether boxed in with broken bleeding fingernails scratching for air, or gassed, body convulsing, fluids foaming out amid nervous system physically wrenching you toward death, death can be excruciatingly different.

Still it’s understandable that America is war weary, having been lied to by its government for the convenience and financial benefit of the Military Industrial Complex — a contingent of corporate, pentagon and government conspirators who calculate the sacrifice of American lives, refugees and children as the collateral cost of doing Wall Street business – but it neither excuses repetitive seeking of bad answers in wrong places, nor ignoring the questions in the faces of children who, with no concept of the deadly wrath of being gassed, writhe in agony uncomprehending why grownups don’t help them.

Turning the other cheek procrastination ignored am I my brother’s keeper, and one hundred thousand Syrians were killed by the acceptable weapons of guns and bombs.

Now we choose to kill in the name of the war to end all wars, choked by the mystic of death by gas.  While whirling dervishes of redundant rhetoric, we fail the expected guest:  the innocent bystander.

Our greatest war leaders were reluctant warriors: Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Kennedy.  In Obama, we elected one who discerned between “the wrong war” and opportunistic perpetrators legalizing homicide; one who wouldn’t utter an indifferent “so” to the anti-war will of the people.

In ’08 & ’12, we voted for a “mission accomplished” for all of humanity, not just the wealthy few, but few wars have been The Good Fight, fought for the greater good, delivering Justice and Equality for all, in a world at peace with the earth and all who live upon it.

In 2008, we confirmed our desire to reverse the checkered past of self-serving leadership and survive the darkness of our history, by ignoring it.

In 2012, we re-affirmed, we’re not the world’s police, but have still to grasp, repeating the same imperialistic military strike as our primary option, can only repeat the same devastating consequences, because war only knows how to kill, regardless of good intentions, and the only winners are the sinners in weapons of mass destruction manufacturing.

So the only two questions we need answer are, despite the President’s proven Seal and Drone pinpoint accuracy, most of the time, how do ninety day limited military strikes solve the Assad problem for Syrian citizens, escaping refugees and gassed children – and, how do we do nothing?


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