Shut It Down

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Our eagles wings are provided by promises kept to each other — birds cheerfully singing and honey bees pollenating our survival, we’re awaken by promises to ourselves of Exceptionalism, beckoning:  l’avant toujours de l’avant.  Or we could just shut it all down.

Even the most subtle gesture or tiniest injection of courageous wonder for what’s new beyond conservative nose tips, ventures us forward embraced by the possibilities of living from a life changing point of view, and voila:  The New World.

Chasing her, a new puppy saves the life of a lazy old cat; a reluctant warrior, with proven stealth in Seal incursion and Drone explosion, speaks softly with a big stick of pinprick removal of chemical weapons and suddenly:  World Peace, at least in the Middle East, is whispered promise of a light upon our pathway, instead of a Miss America punch line.

Heeding the hopeful progress of charming candlelight, we can seize the adventure in a tunnel whose darkness echoes the question of the gods:  where’s the outrage at shutting down those to whom much is given, much is expected?

America can’t sustain as The Home of the Brave when burdened by a House of Representatives, divided in gridlocked focus on shut down.  We are either, Out of Many, One, keeping our promises to each other or, we immolate the leaves of Fall in colorful splendor, descending to the ground shaken by the frost of Congressional cold shoulders.

We either unite to right our ship of state on this Supreme first Monday in October, or we lay on our side like an ill-fated gaseous Cruz leaking Texas oil and gas on those left afloat by tea that has lost its moral taste for The Golden Rule, drowning America’s soul in shut down.

We shut down ourselves when proclaiming, support our troops, except on pay day.

We’re shut down singing America the Beautiful to the world, while locking America’s school kids out of our national parks.

When we allow a Senator, and those who voted for and against him, the freedom to speak their mindset through him, even if twenty-one hours of nonsensical rambling, we are America.

However, when we allow our media to bestow Milton Berle’s Mr. Television crown on the head of an onerous excuse for Filibuster, as prelude to shortsighted political aggrandizement at the expense of God’s reputation and country’s budget, in a stand-up tragi-comedy performed for those few who choose the blight of ignorance over the light of knowledge, we are in, reality check shut down.

Every time we buy that extra-large portion, convinced by Madison Ave TV value meal ad, we are led by the nose, and stomach, down the road of keep them fat, lazy and stupid, to obesity shut down.

Fat covered, we move on to be pharmaceutical puppets  for  those who push the pills juggling vital numbers to shut down our ability to remember normal as a healthy diet and exercise that keeps us alive and kicking without supporting corporate drug habit.

Stage two, give ‘em caricature distractions using pretend patriotism and fear inducing fake causes to protect the protected nameless/faceless from losing their payoff from keeping the masses confused, misdirected and mesmerized by corporate owned medium is the message:  look into my digital devices, and shut down.

Third base is I Don’t Knowaffordable health care for all, being infected by broken promises from institutions surgically removing their promised employee benefits?

Home safe, we have within us the cure for rising insurance costs:  Movement is proof of life; sideline silence, like K & Wall Streets’ intersection plunder: Shut Down.

‘The very nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances’ – House of Cards




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