Way Ahead of the Memory Lane Crowd

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Now that turkeys shop before Black Friday, it’s not surprising that some media personality shows are rushing into 2013 year end memories before Christmas Eve. Akemi Happy

As usual, however, media is reactionary at best and redundant as M. O., because we know memories recapture us in the twinkling of an eye, an aromatic breeze, rain on a tin roof, squeeze of a shoulder, or the moment of that burned taste, after a fire.

Faster than a mouse clicked link, we’re back to:  that owl in the woods, first kiss, first time, wedding day, first shared Christmas tree, first moment of silence.

In the rush of rush hours rushing to take back the week we lost between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, memories re-surface with a lyric, thoughtful gift, old movie — even a passing phrase from an overheard conversation.

In that moment, we’re back swimming in what and why we celebrate life’s bitter sweet, sour and beautiful:  Memories take us back to thunderstorm & rainbow, our car driving us the long way home, grandpa’s cackle to Auntie’s knowing smile, a crackling fireplace, grandma’s special homemade icing, sniffing dogs a foot, parents slipping a few twenties in your palm independently of one another  – and, like Scrooge, there we are back at the beginning of the roller-coaster ride with all the noise and aromas of a teenager’s unknowns.

Now warming in anticipation of before, we inhale the sweets without bitter after taste; feeling the wind and snow in our face, hair flowing back, hope propelling us forward.

All In With Chris Hayes recently evaluated both over and under media reporting.  Discussing this on national television is potentially revolution, or at least revelation for our new 2014 – subtle suggestions of a fourth branch of government, actually investigating corporate shadows swirling around and through our lives clouding our vision – what a story!

As for the worst quote of the year, it’s hard to surpass Rand Paul on almost anything but, departing NYC Mayor Bloomberg came close with his racial definition of Stop and Frisk.

Our best 2013 victory will come when we realize, it isn’t the ACA website that’s the problem, it’s letting Congressional Republicans and Corporate paid lobbyists convince us, and our president, that Medicare for All and Single Payer are just too much to expect from Too Big To Fail Health Insurance & Pharmaceutical Industries and their politicians.

2013 victory close second:  Utah and Colorado easing toward cuddling up to justice & equality for all, despite some being drag queened forward, kicking and screaming in their kinky red cowboy boots.

When friends share memories with me, I think of who, what and why I celebrate:

  • life-long friends, Lance & Pamela, Fay, Mercedes McCambridge
  • newcomers: Andrea, Patti, Boomie, Bridget, Bill, Daniel, Michelle

Chance meetings on the streets of NYC

  •  hailing a cab for Carol Channing,
  •  a chatty stroll with Colleen Dewhurst, James Whitmore, Tommy Tune
  •  a gracious nod from passing Glenn Close & Tony Randall
  •  literally running into Nathan Lane & Jack Lemmon
  •  Jane Alexander’s Thank you
  •  An answered note from Julie Harris
  •  telephone chats with Celeste Holm
  •  Tiffany book signing with Pavarotti
  •  supervising Juilliard students during an invitation only dress rehearsal     of the Metropolitan Opera conducting debut of Placido Domingo
  •  A moment back stage at Ford’s Theatre with Rosalind Russell.

The point is not name dropping or my tears during Oscar Memorials, nor how much I miss Peter O’Toole who I never met — or being directed by both Spielberg & my Mother, neither of whom will I ever forget.

The point is, remembering is foundation:  every moment is a gift, every person a lesson and every day, Tis the Season, for celebration.


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