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Rubio Wall Street PenquinHow do we win The Good Fight, when the fix is in?  Follow Saint Paul’s lead…

It takes more than mouse clicking an online petition, contributing $3.00 to every email request, or even voting in federal elections.  It takes getting others to vote, resolutions passed and making certain from Congress to State Houses to City Council: you are seen and heard.

 We the People, while extending our timelines, sidelines and waistlines with holiday sprees at oops credit card information losers Target and Neiman Marcus, must attend to Jersey girls and boys going a bridge too far?

Keep a big picture POV:  Sing Joy to the World, but know traitor traders turn silent nights into unholy nights when places like SAC Capital Advisors and other Koch head Kings, bearing Fast Tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership gifts to themselves, fast talk Congress.

Divide wheat from chaff:  is it more blessed to choose the Gates-way in inherited perpetual war from a President preemptively invading a country (innocent of 9/11 attacks), with malice aforethought for profit, or is honoring our troops ending their sacrifice for corporate profit, bringing them home with a parade of medical care, promised benefits and housing?

The best evidence of American courage is advocacy, like that of Erin Brockovich and not sickening 300,000 West Virginians with chemicals dumped in their tooth brushing, shower taking and food prepping water, in the name of Freedom.  So let’s not fast track TPP or cut education & food stamp budgets, or deny promised benefits to returning veterans, while granting tax loopholes to 740 Park Ave residents.  When other nations call us The City on the Hill, we’ll be that city, perhaps even living the Sermon on the Mount with malice toward none.

Let’s fight against corporate corrupting of American government and for an NSA that unveils American corporations acquiring, absorbing and corralling American resources, likes Nestle privatizing our water.

Let’s finally evolve from a nation conceived by, and for rich, white, male property owners, to a united people inspired by Lincoln, to reconstruct equality on Walt Whitman’s open road from Europe to Asia.  Then The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe invasion, will deliver supplies for equal opportunity, prosperity, unity, and peace.

Look, rich isn’t bad and poor isn’t good, but if we cannot help the many who are poor, we cannot save the few who are rich, is the beginning of wisdom.  An educated working middle class is the engine that built it.

Rubio denial of success of LBJ’s War on Poverty is a sucker point, but decreasing taxes on the 1% of the top one percent in the exact proportion to which they provide upward mobility jobs, is equal opportunity.

In defeating Red Scare bad guys, McCarthy, Dulles brothers, anti-American government Ayn Rand, Koch heads Eric Cantor, Rand Paul and Atlas Shrugged Paul Ryan, we honor those ordered to fight in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, including their families in The Greatest Generation.

 How were we Making the World Safe for Democracy, when Presidents Wilson, T Roosevelt, Taft, Reagan and Bush 43 invaded other nations, imposing The America Way on them for our plunder and empire.  To repeat: follow the TPP money.

We win the Good Fight against what’s bad at the top, by fighting for what’s good Left Behind at our foundation.

The truth is, crossing the bridge from GW Bush to GW Christie, we learn from our past mistakes of trusting bad guys pretending to be good guys

The Good Fight is what we do for each other; it’s the victory of Exceptionalism over a Carried Interest Loophole.


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