A Not So Sudden Loss

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Sudden Loss PSHoffmanThe loss of unity in the state of our union is not a sudden loss, but rather, a methodical and meticulous undoing of more than just the equality of economic opportunity.  To divide and conquer, division must come from both above and within.

Some states of the union struggle with voting rights and women’s equality; some bridges and same sex marriages; some how to spend a surplus during a Koch high manufactured recession.

With the state of our students, too often damned by oppressive bank tuition loans, or funneled through the tunnel from classrooms to private prisons, or blocked by crumbling, collapsing or vengefully closed bridges, is not the surplus solution staring us in the face of every child and neighborhood façade?

We can horde surplus for a few or spread it evenly like fertilizer, growing the dignity that blossoms with having a job, creating customers and bridging the gap between assembly line and ownership cash flow.

Isn’t the state of any union, how well citizens research information, discover truth and spell well enough to add it all up for themselves?  Isn’t it Democracy that creates what benefits the most, while Corporatism chokes and stifles the most?

When Feds pick up the tab for expanded Medicaid, but state GOP says, thanks but no thinks, is the health of 400,000 Virginians being creatively infected by their state officials?

With a Billionaire’s Nazi definition of the 99%, is now the time to be nice to the super wealthy so they will be trickle down nice to us?  Doesn’t Uncle Sugar Huckabee sour grapes create repressive state for both Conservative and Liberal libidos?

When a state defines Free Will as, the choice is up to you whether you drink in West Virginia, at your own risk, should we believe coal is clean and its mining by-products safe for human consumption?

Isn’t the real deal of Jimmy Stewart’s going to Washington in 1939, that Halliburton BP Oil Spill, Wolfowitz War, and Bush/Cheney pact with Wall Street devils, were not the original salvo hurled at the American economy, but rather an embellishment that encouraged Too Big to Fail Banks, to fail Republicans, Democrats Independents and Libertarians alike?

Though it took generations to evolve from declaring freedom to the freedom of a moon walk, Corporatism replaced our New Deal with a raw deal in only the time it took our states of mind to turn against each other.

If being a twenty-five year old American citizen, with or without a high school diploma is all you need to join the ruling class, isn’t it understandable that some members of Congress can’t tell the difference between a male Clinton and a female one?  What else then has a running Rand an inability to distinguish? Unemployment Benefits?  Food Stamps?  Arithmetic?

If in the 21st century we’re giving more prescription drugs to our children, and with fast food diets, obesity induced diabetes to ourselves and passing on a brain damaging sport, why ignore a cheaper, just as addictive national pastime:  heroin use, doubling since 2007?

Found Dead imposes Full Stop to life’s creativity.  Whether gun violence in a public place, or captivated by Sea World captivity, or a lonely bathroom overdose – sudden loss is an all too tragic end.

Misplaced priorities produce sudden loss, only after misinformation and distraction produce neglect and ignorance.  So until we elevate the Exceptionalism of artistic achievements, Equal Economic Opportunity, Voting Rights and the ability of high school students to read, write and spell well enough for life, to the celebratory awareness level of a FB anniversary or Super Bowl score, how can we expect the country to be headed in anything but, the Right direction?


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